Black Friday AirPods

Black Friday is the best time of year to buy Christmas gifts and save a few euros. If you are thinking of renew your AirPods or to buy these fantastic headphones from Apple for the first time, the best time of the year is Black Friday.

Black Friday is the ideal time of year to buy electronic products, as companies take advantage of it to empty old product warehouses to make room for products than products that have just arrived on the market and that have a greater demand.

Which AirPods models are on sale on Black Friday

AirPods 2 generation

The second generation of AirPods is on the market since March 2019. A second version that has been available in two models: with a wireless charging case and a charging case via lightning cable.

Both models have been below its usual price for almost a year And although Apple only continues to sell the model with a cable charging case after launching the second generation, both versions will be available at attractive prices during Black Friday.

AirPods Pro

While we wait for the launch of the second generation of AirPods, scheduled for March 2022, during Black Friday it will be very easy to find an offer for this particular model, the only model with active noise cancellation not counting the Max model.

AirPods Max

The AirPods Max are the most expensive model in the AirPods range, with an official price of 629 euros. However, practically since its launch, we have always been able to find this model at a price very close to 500 euros, even slightly less, so the AirPods Pro will not miss the Black Friday celebration.

AirPods 3 generation

With only a few weeks on the market, it is very unlikely that we can find this third generation of AirPods on sale. This model is only available in a version with a wireless charging case and has a regular price of 199 euros.

AirPods 1 generation

The first generation of AirPods hit the market in December 2016 and it was on sale through Apple’s official distribution channels until March 2019, when the second generation was launched.

We must be very careful if we find this model for sale, since it has been discontinued two years ago, and it is likely that, if we do not find it in a trusted establishment, be false.

Why are AirPods worth buying on Black Friday?

AirPods 3

The best headphones to use with any Apple product are both the AirPods range and the Beat range, since thanks to the H1 processor, they automatically connect to our iPhone, Mac or iPad.

If we find any interesting offer during Black Friday we shouldn’t let her escape, since it is the best time of year to buy, mainly, technology, since companies want to make space in their warehouses for the new products that are to arrive.

In addition, if we take into account that, in recent months, most models they have dropped a lot in price, most likely during Black Friday they will go even lower.

How much do AirPods usually go down on Black Friday?

AirPods Max for 499 euros

With so little time on the market, it is very unlikely that we will be able to find the new 3rd generation AirPods during Black Friday, although we cannot rule out a very punctual offer with a discount of between 2 and 3% at most.

The second generation AirPods, especially what includes the case with lightning cable, surely we will find them at a very attractive price, with discounts of between 7 and 15%.

The model with the wireless charging case, which is currently no longer available for sale, will also join the Black Friday party, with discounts not exceeding 10%.

The AirPods Max, we can find with discounts of up to 20% For several months, a discount that will almost certainly be maintained or even improved for Black Friday.

How long is Black Friday on AirPods?

As I mentioned above, Black Friday It is celebrated this year on November 26, thus fulfilling the tradition of being celebrated on the last Friday in November, just one day after Thanksgiving.

However, and also following tradition, as of Monday of that same week, the 22nd, the first offers related to Black Friday will begin, offers that will remain until November 29, Monday, with Cyber ​​Monday.

However, the strongest day has traditionally always been the official day of Black Friday, which this year falls on the 26th. If you want to be among the first to take advantage of the first offers, you should start looking for them from 0:01 on the 26th.

Where to find AirPods deals on Black Friday

The new Apple Store in NY has a permanent product collection area

The first place we must ruling out for Black Friday is Apple itself, both physical stores and the online store. Apple has never celebrated Black Friday outside of the United States, and as big as the company has become, it has stopped celebrating it altogether, so don’t bother looking for a deal on Black Friday.


Talking about Black Friday is talking about Amazon. Amazon has become, on its own merits, the best internet store to buy any product. Not only because of its great prices, but also because of its warranty and customer service.

In addition, in the case of Apple, we must take into account that the Apple sells its products through AmazonTherefore, if we buy a model of AirPods, we will find the same guarantee that Apple offers us.


In recent months, MediaMarkt has launched a large number of offers from the AirPods rangeTherefore, if you intend to buy any of the different models that are part of this range, you should take a look at their online store.

The English Court

Through the El Corte Inglés website or by visiting one of its stores, we will also meet with interesting offers in the AirPods range.


Users who are not lucky enough to have an Apple Store nearby, we have the mini Apple Store of K-Tuin, where we will also find a large number of offers during Black Friday.


Magnificos is the mini Apple Store via the web, where we can find the entire range of AirPods in addition to a large number of accessories for Apple products.

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