buying clothes on Amazon is very comfortable, but you can have problems

What initially began as a book store, over the years has become one of the great references in electronic commerce. As you can imagine we refer to amazona website where we can find all kinds of products and some interesting services.

In fact, and we speak worldwide, millions of users right now when they go to buy something, the first thing that comes to mind is the aforementioned Amazon. Each country has its own website, although most of the advantages and services offered here are similar. Although anyone can make purchases in this online store, many opt for a Prime subscription and the advantages that this brings us.

To begin with, it is worth knowing that thanks to this annual subscription we will be able to save on the shipping costs of all the products that we buy managed by Amazon, which are the majority. At the same time we will be able to take advantage of different services that it offers us for free with this subscription. Here we find unlimited space to save photos remotely, a streaming video service, e-books free, and much more.

We have already told you before that here we can buy all kinds of products belonging to a wide range of categories. These have been increasing over the years and the truth is that here we can find almost everything. In fact, in these lines we want to focus on the purchase of an element as delicate as clothing. Normally in physical stores we try it on to choose the size and model that best suits what we need.

But obviously this is something that we cannot do online. Therefore, there are certain aspects that we read to take into consideration before buying clothes on Amazon, as we will see.

Choose the size closest to your usual

Obviously the first thing we must do is know the size that we usually wear in that garment that we are going to choose. As a general rule in the Amazon clothing page we find a drop-down list in which we can choose the desired size. In case of doubt, it will always be advisable to choose one above to ensure that the garment can be used when it arrives.

In fact, we must also take into consideration and choose our gender well, since many times the same garment is available for both mens as for women.

Look at the comments of other buyers

With everything and with it and if we focus on the size when buying clothes online on Amazon, we recommend you take a look at the comments from other users. We refer to other buyers who have purchased this same garment, since many times they comment on whether it is better to choose a larger or smaller size based on their experience. This will be very helpful in selecting the most appropriate size in most cases.

Ensure the possibility of return or exchange

But as prevention is always better than cure, at this point and before making the purchase we should also make sure that we have the possibility of return the garment. This is something that we can also see in the comments posted by others, or in the product description. With everything and with it in case of doubt we will always have the possibility to contact the seller to ask this question.

Try and pay after Amazon

In these cases it is also interesting to take a look if the garment for which we have decided has the function of try and pay later from Amazon. This allows us to receive the product and test it before the actual payment is made. Although initially we shouldn’t have any problems returning the clothes if they don’t fit what we need, this is a very useful function in this case.

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