Can you imagine your CRM connected to your cloud switchboard?

Surely you have thought many times about the ease of being able to change or add a customer’s data on the fly while talking to him from the same application. And that is precisely what the new CRM Connect functionality proposes within the NFON Cloudya switchboard.

CRM Connect enables organizations to easily integrate their Cloudya cloud telephony desktop application with more than 60 different CRM platforms.

Thanks to this tool, employees can search for contacts or click to dial directly from the CRM system used.

This functionality is software-based so it does not require any additional telephony hardware or servers. This facilitates integration that can be easily and quickly deployed, as well as expanded based on business development.

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Integration with Outlook for Desktop and Apple for Mac address books is free for Cloudya Business Premium customers.

The benefits of CRM Connect

The integration of a CRM in a leading switchboard in the European market such as Cloudya has great advantages for any SME.

The possibility of managing customer contacts from the same application opens up new possibilities for companies that act in a way that is more oriented towards the consumer experience.

In addition, at the team level it allows to increase productivity and efficiency since the administration of the tasks is carried out from a single application, reducing management time or the possible loss of information when moving from one tool to another.

This also allows to reduce the cost per contact and increase customer satisfaction, offering a more fluid and seamless communication.

In short, we are facing a new valuable functionality that any SME can explore. You dare?

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