Can’t install Windows 11 on your computer? This program will help you

Despite being an “improved” version of Windows 10, Microsoft raised the requirements to be able to install Windows 11 on a computer. For example, it increased the necessary RAM memory to 4 GB, limited the processors so that it could only be installed in PCs with CPUs less than 5 years old, and forced to have a TPM 2.0 chip on the motherboard, without which it is not possible to install the system on the PC.

Error installing Windows 11 - Minimum requirements

Luckily, all kinds of developers realized that these requirements were absurd and found a way to remove them in order to install Microsoft’s new operating system without problems on any PC, whether it meets the requirements or not. And here we have one of the best ways to bypass these requirements.

tiny11builder: remove Windows 11 requirements and much more

The tiny11builder project is a tool, very easy to use, that allows us to customize our Windows 11 installation USB so that we can, among other things, eliminate these absurd requirements to be able to install the system on our PC without problems.

The first thing that this program allows us to do is remove requirements necessary to be able to install it, such as the TPM, the 4 GB of RAM memory, the Secure Boot or the need to use a modern CPU. But your chances don’t stop there.

This simple and fast program allows us to customize installation, eliminating, for example, the need to log in with a Microsoft Account when we are starting up the operating system. It also allows us remove pre-installed programs, such as Microsoft Edge (the browser), OneDrive, and all kinds of bloatware that comes installed on the system. In short, we can remove all apps pre-installed by Microsoft in Windows 11 to have a system as clean as possible.

How does it work

To use it, the first thing we need is to download an ISO image of Windows 11, which we can download directly from Microsoft servers. We must also download the program in question from its repository page on GitHub.

Once we have everything, we mount the Windows 11 ISO by double clicking on it, and immediately afterwards we execute, with administrator permissions, the “tiny11 creator.bat” script that we just downloaded. If SmartScreen shows us a warning, we must accept it to be able to run the program anyway.

Now we only have to select the drive letter where the Windows 11 ISO has been mounted, and that’s it. The program will do the magic, and in a few minutes, we will have a new Windows 11 ISO image, called “tiny11.iso”, with no requirements or bloatware.

We recorded it to a flash drive with Rufus, or a similar program, and we can now install it on the PC.

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