Car that mines cryptocurrency, popular apps are actually scams, recap

This electric car named Daymak Spiritus mines cryptocurrencies when you are stationary, ultraRAM could revolutionize the PC world, these iOS and Android applications are big scams, it’s time for the recap on Wednesday January 12, 2022 .

It’s time to recap the day from January 22, 2022. Today, we have apps just looking to scam you, a small revolution looming in the world of computing as well as a car that mines cryptocurrency (that’s changing!). Hang on your seatbelts!

This car is mine cryptocurrency for you

The Daymak Spiritus is an electric vehicle from Canada officially presented to the public. It is a prototype of a three-wheeled car designed for urban travel. But what sets her apart from the rest, it is its ability to mine cryptocurrencies! It is equipped with a built-in software that works to enrich you when it is stopped recharging. Original…

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These Android and iOS apps are popular … but they are scams

A developer by the name of Kosta Eleftyheriou has spotted several apps that are actually huge scams, both on iOS and Android. They have indeed succeeded in passing the certification while they are only meant to strip users. This is the case with Fly-GPS, an app that can jam your GPS. In addition to not working, this application is paid up to $ 10 per month. It has greatly enriched its developers who have not hesitated to publish hundreds of fake reviews to be seen by Apple and Google. Ouch.

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UltraRAM could revolutionize the PC world

This is a technology that could arrive very soon in our PCs: ultraRAM. The idea is simply to combine RAM (random access memory) with your SSD. This process could not only make your machine faster, but also allow your data to be stored for at least 1000 years. Enough to keep your favorite memes for a little while …

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