Care! They can kick you out of WhatsApp if you do this

Reasons to kick you out of WhatsApp

Because they can kick you out of whatsapp and run out of account access? We are going to talk to you about the main reasons that can make the platform decide to block you. You will see that if you make certain mistakes you could have problems and even affect third parties.

You send viruses or Spam

Of course, one of the reasons why you can be kicked out of WhatsApp is if you dedicate yourself to send viruses or carry out a Phishing attack. As soon as you put the privacy and security of anyone at risk through this means, the platform can detect it and directly block your account to protect third parties.

Something similar can happen if you dedicate yourself to send spam. They are basically messages that you send to many people at the same time to promote something. Especially if it is deceptive advertising or that again puts third parties in danger, you are more likely to get banned from this platform.

But beware, even if you don’t really consciously do something bad, you could be blocked. Why do we say this? Maybe you have a virus on your mobile and that malware is designed to constantly forward itself to your WhatsApp contacts. You do it unintentionally, but the platform can detect that you really want to send it. For this reason, it is essential to protect your device and not fall into errors.

You send messages to people who do not have you in contacts

This may seem similar to sending spam. If for some reason you send a lot of messages to people who don’t have you in their contact list, it may be a reason for WhatsApp to block you. It can detect that you are sending spam messages, to scam someone or carry out some illegal act.

It is very rare for this to happen, but there are circumstances in which it could happen. For example, if you have a new number and nobody has you in their contact list, if you have a company and you send a WhatsApp with information to many clients and they have not added you, etc.

You have been reported many times

They could also reach report you on WhatsApp. It is something similar to what can happen in a forum or a social network. If someone detects that you do something wrong, that you break the rules of that service in some way, they could simply give the Report option. If a person does it, it most likely will have no effect. But if many do, that will set off alarm bells and they could block you.

This can happen if, for example, you end up in WhatsApp groups with unknown people and somehow create controversy, start constantly sending images or videos, pass many links, etc. Although they are not really dangerous links, but the fact of being in a large group where they do not know you, can make them start reporting you.

You use an unofficial program

WhatsApp does not like that you use unofficial software. On the one hand there is security, but on the other the simple fact of using a platform that could negatively affect the brand or even third parties. Although it is never advisable, we can find unofficial programs for services of this type.

Our advice is to use only official applications. Avoid installing programs that may be dangerous or may affect third parties. That will also prevent them from being able to block you from WhatsApp without realizing it.

Create groups and add random people

One more reason why you could be kicked out of WhatsApp is if you dedicate yourself to create groups and add people randomly. In other words, it basically consists of creating a group and starting to enter numbers without really knowing who might be behind it. That is something that threatens the proper use of this platform.

If you add a random number to a group, nothing will happen. They can interpret it as that you have made a mistake when putting it or anything. But if you enter several and it is something more obvious, then they could block your account.

In short, these are some of the reasons why you may be left without access to your WhatsApp account. Be careful and don’t make mistakes, as you could end up blocked. If they send you a fake message on WhatsApp, be careful as that could lead to bigger problems.

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