Cegid implements the cloud solution, Cegid Ekon, in Portugal

The global provider of business management solutions in the cloud launched, a few days ago, its cloud management solution, Cegid Ekon, to the Portuguese market. The tool, aimed at medium and large companies, has been essential support in making strategic decisions for more than 4,000 companies in nearly 25 countries. Cegid Ekon software is a solution 100% cloudwith a SaaS model, which is characterized by its easily scalable, flexible and integrable structure with other software and systems.

This solution is intended for companies seeking to maintain their uniqueness through innovation and operational excellence, as well as having augmented intelligence for their equipment. This platform easily adapts to the way of working of any company and offers ERP solutions by verticals for the industrial, logistics, health, construction and consulting sectors. Cegid Ekon has tools for various functional areas such as financial management, BI (Business Intelligence), HR, project management and CRM. In addition, such software allows companies comply with the current legislation of each country, being constantly updated. Issues such as mandatory electronic invoicing, Verifactu or the Plastic Law are examples of relevant legislative changes for companies, so having software that adapts to the changes is a peace of mind.

Due to the growth ambition that Cegid has over all the countries in which it is present, Cegid Ekon arrives in Portugal after being one of the most used ERPs by medium and large companies in Spain for the management of their assets.

Companies that opt ​​for this ERP to manage their business will have preconfigured solutions for rapid implementation, predictive models and customizable analytics tools, which will provide strong support in decision-making. The use of this platform allows, In addition to task automation, the collection and management of large amounts of data – through BI tools – that are easily transformed into relevant information for the business.

Joseph Dionysus, Chief Revenue Officer of the SMB & CPA business unit of Iberia & Africa at Cegid, points out that «Cegid Ekon ERP is the cloud management solution for companies seeking to improve their operational efficiency by automating processes. Cegid Ekon is characterized by its globality, as well as by the ease of integrating with other applications, adapting to any type of business. With this launch, which already has a long international run, we seek to respond to the needs of the Mid Market in Portugal. Cegid Ekon will help Portuguese companies in making more strategic decisions, thanks to analytical and predictive information, at the same time that it will provide them with the possibility of achieving greater productivity through the automation of work processes”.

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