Change the cover photo of OneDrive folders with two clicks

In the beginning, with only having a free account of the firm, we will already have our own space on the remote servers. As with most platforms of this type, a priori we can store our files in a personal remote space for free. Later if we want to extend it, we will have to pay some type of subscription. Both Microsoft and GoogleAmong many other companies, they offer their own cloud storage service to their clients.

Here we can store all types of files in their corresponding folders, as long as they do not violate the pre-established use policies. If we focus on the aforementioned OneDrive from Redmond, say that it can be useful to create automated backups from Windows. But not only that, but at the same time we will have the possibility of creating our own folders and filling them with personal files. As happens when we work with files locally, here we can make use of certain folders in order to organize our content better.

Later on we will have the possibility of accessing all this from the platform application, from the file explorer, or from the web version. Here we are going to find the folders created previously and their corresponding stored files. However, below, we are going to teach you a simple trick that will allow you to identify these folders at a glance.

Customize OneDrive folders to your liking

We tell you all this because we have the possibility to set the photo that we prefer so that it becomes the cover of each of the folders. This will allow us to distinguish one from the other from faster way and locate the contents that we want at a glance. It is true that the service as such establishes a certain image, if it finds it inside, as a folder cover. However, most of the time we probably disagree with that random decision.

Therefore, we can set the photo that we want in a matter of seconds and it becomes the cover. In addition, we will achieve this with two simple mouse clicks to obtain the expected result.

If you are interested in customizing the cover of OneDrive folders, we will show you how to achieve it. The first thing we have to do is open the storage platform application in Windows to see all our content. Next, we open the folder that we want to modify so that its cover page is different than the default. Now we only have to locate the image we want to use and click on it with the right mouse button.

Among the options that will then appear we opted for the call Add as cover, after which we left the folder. From that moment on, the image that we have selected will be the one that will serve as a representation of that content in OneDrive. Obviously we can repeat this as many times as we want and with all the folders that contain images.

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