Change the focus of your hardware with the HYTE Y60 panoramic box

Between so much presentation during CES, and let’s not deny it a lot of trash, sometimes some very interesting products come out that stand out on their own. Either because of its technical specifications, technologies or as this time a striking, attractive and fresh design for what we are used to what PC cases are concerned. We are talking about the new box from the manufacturer HYTE, the brand may not sound familiar to you, but this chassis will surely not leave you indifferent. The HYTE Y60 ATX, as it is called, offers us a panoramic design to see everything that is important, our hardware.

If you want to go running to buy this new box, we have to tell you that HYTE is a subsidiary of the iBUYPOWER company, a component store and PC assembler based in LA and if it does not ship or sell to your country, the same does not matter. get your hopes up and imagine ourselves with this new ATX on your desk.

HYTE Y60 ATX: panoramic view

The HYTE Y60 ATX PC case offers us a panoramic view without disturbing pillars, of each and every one of the components of our computer. Its removable tempered glass panels are made up of three parts that flank the entire side of the case, up to the front. As a curiosity, these 3 crystals create a very attractive visual effect creating a complete view of the interior of our PC without the inconvenience of any extra edge.

The compact ATX format box, which at first may remind us of designs such as the CORSAIR Series 280X or the magnificent Lian Li PC-O11, will be available in 3 color combinations: black and white, black and black, as well as red and black.

The design of this panoramic tower presented by HYTE is designed as a peculiarity for an exclusively vertical mounting with our graphics card, and we can use the PCIe 4.0 cable that fortunately is included as standard with the connection PCB in the box itself.

Great cooling and cable management


In the area of ​​ventilation, the HYTE Y60 is equipped with three 120 mm fans, generating a cascade airflow thanks to the two fans in the lower part that it integrates, as well as another one on the back. Additionally, those lucky enough to get hold of one of these ATX towers will be able to fit a 280mm radiator on the side and a 360mm radiator on top of the case.

All this together with the separation in the area of ​​wiring and source, with respect to that of components, suggests that we will have a box with more than decent ventilation, apart from perfect views free of cables in our equipment. Regarding its availability and price, the HYTE Y60 can be yours from March of this year for $ 199, which in exchange should be approximately 230 euros with taxes included.

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