Choose a background or theme and bring autumn to your PC desktop

And it is that one of the characteristics of our Windows operating system is the possibility of personalization. This gives us the possibility to change the appearance of certain sections of this, in order to always have it adapted to our tastes and needs. One of these possibilities is to personalize our desktop with a background or theme, something that we can do easily from the Personalization section in Windows Settings.

That is why, if we want to give a special and personalized touch with this season of the year to our computer with an autumnal background or theme, then we show you some examples that will surely convince you.

Choose your special background for this fall

Autumn is a transition season between the heat of summer and the cold of winter that is always related to brown, reddish or orange colors. With these colors we can obtain a background that fits perfectly with the aesthetics of our desktop and thus obtain an autumnal touch.

And is that when talking about autumn one of the images that can come to mind is that of a park path, with colorful trees with leaves with orange tones, green grass and dry leaves that are piled up along the path. This is something that we can see in this image that we can download for free up to 4K resolution.

Another very characteristic image of the time is that of a beautiful park garden with the typical wooden bench, the trees with yellow or pruned leaves and all this under a brilliant blue sky. An image that we can surely find in our city and that we can download from this link to its website.

Autumn park background

Another very typical image of this season of the year is a lake surrounded by colorful trees with leaves in different warm colors such as dark green, orange or brown, which shows us a clear reference to autumn, along with threatening white clouds in the sky. of rain. This background can be downloaded in quality from HD to 4K from this link to its official website.

lake and cloudy sky

Put a special autumn theme on your desktop

If a theme is not enough for us and we are looking for greater customization, we can always use an autumn theme like the ones we are going to see below.

If autumn is characterized by something, it is by the change of colors with respect to summer, the leaves fall and go to the ground giving a more photogenic touch to any landscape. This is something that we can appreciate in this theme where red, brown and yellow tones predominate. This theme contains more than 20 types of background compatible with Windows and that we can download for free from its website.

Autumn forest theme with yellow color

Perhaps unknown to many, but autumn in Japan is one of the most beautiful and fascinating in the world, something that we can see in this theme composed of a wide range of trees with different colors, yellow leaves and the traditional Japanese house. We can download it from this link to its official website.

Japanese house

Autumn is an ideal time for nature lovers as it brings about stunning and beautiful views. For lovers of this time, this theme has autumn forests, and colors that are mixed between green, yellow and orange. You can download this theme for free from their website.

River and forest in autumn

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