Consulting your smartphone remains the first reflex of the French when they wake up

NordVPN has just published a new study on the morning digital habits of the French. Unsurprisingly, consulting your smartphone before getting out of bed remains the first instinct of many citizens. Of course, this practice is more or less widespread depending on the age group.

morning smartphone study
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For several decades now, the smartphone has been democratized and has taken an important place in our lives. According to a recent study published by the American firm AppAnnie, we spend an average of more than 4 hours a day on our telephone. In France, as INSEE pointed out at the start of the year, 94% of 15-29 year olds have a smartphone.

Based on these various findings, the company NordVPN, known as one of the world leaders in the VPN market, has just published a report on the morning digital habits of the French. The company focused its analysis on three specific points:

  • At what time do the French start using their smartphone, tablet, laptop or TV?
  • What do the French do in the morning?
  • What do they think of their digital habits and what would they change?

Regarding the 1st question, the result obtained only confirms the studies mentioned above. 77% of Gen Z respondents (18-24 years old) use their smartphone as soon as they wake up, even before getting out of bed. A practice adopted mainly by Generation Y (25-40 years old), up to 68%. Conversely, members of Generation X (41-56 years old) and Baby Boomers (57-75 years old) prefer to get up before consulting their devices (44% and 22%).

morning smartphone study
Credits: NordVPN

The smartphone, the device most used by the French when they wake up

As you will have understood, access to the digital world therefore remains one of the priorities of the French upon waking up. Smartphones remain the most used devices at 82%, followed by TV (35%), computers (33%) and tablets (20%). Concerning the activities practiced, social networks remain the first reflex, all age categories combined. Then there is reading the news (46% of respondents), instant messaging (49%) and finally work-related applications at 30% (professional emails, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, etc.). In the Top 6 of the most used applications in the morning, Facebook takes 1st place with 57%, followed by Messenger (36%) and Instagram (33%). WhatsApp, YouTube and Snapchat are closing the loop.

morning smartphone study
Credits: NordVPN

As a conclusion, the NordVPN teams have sought to know the opinions of respondents regarding their morning digital habits. Unsurprisingly, attitudes regarding smartphone use vary across age groups. From a global point of view, 61% of respondents say they do not want to change anything in their habits, while 25% would like to use their smartphone less. In details :

  • 32% of respondents feel addicted to their smartphone
  • 27% feel distracted by their smartphone
  • 26% say they waste their time consulting their smartphone
  • 19% feel guilty for using their smartphone too much

To obtain the results of this national survey, NordVPN surveyed 1,002 French people aged 18 and overrepresentative in terms of gender, age and place of residence.

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