COPYME initiates a process of digitization of Madrid’s retail and hospitality trade

The General Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises (COPYME) has presented a project, together with the Madrid City Council, for the promotion of the business of retail and hospitality in the capital. With the objectives of improving the efficiency of these companies and favoring competitiveness, both organizations will initiate digitization and commercial promotion activities.

A total of 15 companies participate in the project, according to a COPYME statement, for them, «is a priority to convey to these sectors that digitization favors customer satisfaction, improves the company’s image and contributes to its expansion and growth, as well as simplifying management processes ”.

Digital communication is of a strategic nature to connect users with small businesses and the hospitality industry, which is why it has been described as something «vital»By COPYME. Thanks to digitization, companies have opened their products and services to the world, using various communication channels. As a consequence, the businesses have generated more sales and greater brand awareness.

COPYME also conveys, in its statement, your concern that small businesses don’t have a website or presence in social networks, which isolates them from potential customers. «Even if your competitors are stronger, a small business with the right strategy can attract more customers«, They indicate.

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There is increasing awareness of the digital world

For the confederation, the small business and hospitality sectors must recognize the value of digitization, in a comprehensive sense and the need to incorporate it into your business strategies. Digital tools are the means to open new markets, increase the number of customers, achieve a greater number of sales.

The web will be the first impression that a potential client has of the company and within it space for the development of online sales. “Currently, no company, obviously not small businesses, has the capacity to fully reach its target audience without the incorporation of digitization tools”. indicate.

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