Creative Muvo Go, review of this waterproof bluetooth speaker

That’s right, the main feature of this small audio device is that it is IPX7 certified, which means that it is not only waterproof, but we could jump into the pool with it and nothing would happen to it. All this, of course, with the audio quality that has always characterized this manufacturer, as well as a battery life designed to be able to use it non-stop throughout the day. Let’s see it.

Creative Muvo Go, technical characteristics

Creative Muvo Go
Kind Portable speaker
Power 2x10W RMS (40W peak)
connectivity Bluetooth 5.3
USB-C (for charging only)
Battery 18 hours (2,600 mAh)
Maximum distance 10 meters
Frequency response N/A
Sensitivity N/A
Impedance N/A
Driver size 2x 45mm with passive radiators
Microphone Not
SNR >75dB
rgb Not
Dimensions 204 x 73 x 61mm
Weight 570 grams
Software Not
retail price €79.99

As we can see by looking at the technical specifications table, this Creative Muvo Go is a relatively small speaker, only 20.4 cm long and 570 grams in weight. Despite this, the manufacturer has integrated two 45mm speakers with passive radiators inside, each capable of generating 10W of RMS power (20W RMS in total, with 40W of peak power), so in principle we should not have problems listening to music at a good volume outdoors.

The Muvo Go only has Bluetooth 5.3 as a connection system, since the USB-C that it incorporates only serves to recharge its integrated battery that gives it up to 18 hours of autonomy on a single charge (4.5 hours, according to the manufacturer). This limits its operating range quite a bit, since we will need a Bluetooth device to transmit the music to it, such as a smartphone or a tablet, but taking into account that it is a speaker designed for use outdoors, it is not that we are going to to be loading with a USB pen drive or with an SD card to put the music, right?

On the other hand, as we have already mentioned before, this portable speaker is certified IPX7 water resistance, which literally means that the device is “protected against the effects of immersion”, so it is submersible. This does not mean that you can take it diving (it would be absurd because you would not hear much either, and in any case, devices suitable for diving have IPX8 certification), but it does mean that you can use it without fear in the pool or even in the sea, since no splash or even if you drop it in the water will damage it.

Unboxing and external analysis

The Muvo Go is packed in the typical box that Creative uses in almost all of its products, with the exterior in hard white cardboard and on the main face of which we can see an image of the device accompanied by the brand, model, and its main characteristics. highlighted in summary.

Creative Muvo Go

On the back of the packaging we find a description of its technical characteristics, as well as a summary of the contents of the package.

Creative Muvo Go

Inside, we find the speaker perfectly protected by a rigid cardboard structure, as well as a small white box that contains the accessories. In this case, Creative only includes the instruction manual, a pamphlet with warranty information, and a USB-A to USB-C cable to charge the battery.

Creative Muvo Go

Here you have the Creative Muvo Go out of the box, in this case in its black version. It has a rough mesh that covers almost its entire perimeter, leaving the passive radiators that we mentioned before on both sides. Be careful, because unlike other products, the sound of the Muvo Go is not in 360 degrees, but rather it comes out in only one direction (if you look at the following photo, it has small “legs” that indicate the correct position to leave it on a flat surface).

Creative Muvo Go

At the top, we have three buttons clearly marked in orange, and which are obviously used to increase and decrease the volume and to play or pause the sound.

Creative Muvo Go

On both sides we have the passive radiators, adorned with the manufacturer’s logo and surrounded by a rubberized structure.

Creative Muvo Go

Not the entire surface of the speaker has that rough mesh, but there is an area where we find two buttons (on / off and Bluetooth), two LED status indicators, and the USB-C connection port to charge the battery. It is strange, honestly, that Creative has not provided a cover to protect this USB-C port since this speaker is, in theory, submersible.

Creative Muvo Go

Finally, you will have already noticed that the speaker includes a strap to be able to carry it from one place to another comfortably and to hang it or hook it to the backpack, for example.

Creative Muvo Go

There is not much more to see about the device, so we are going to proceed to test it and tell you how it works.

Testing the Creative Muvo Go

As it is a device that only works via Bluetooth, its configuration and start-up could not be easier: when you turn on the speaker, it will automatically start searching in pairing mode (we can also do it by pressing the corresponding button), so just find the Muvo Go in the list of Bluetooth devices on your mobile phone and pair it. Once this is done, it will be ready to work.

We have been testing the Muvo Go to listen to music while connected to a smartphone via Bluetooth, and the truth is that the audio quality is as good as one would expect from Creative, since if this company has something good it is precisely the audio quality, since it is not in vain that they are pioneers in it. So much so, that the Muvo Go, for how small it is, is capable of thundering around it a lot, and if you turn the volume to maximum it practically makes the device itself vibrate, although it does not distort.

In fact, it is very noticeable in the two passive radiators on the sides, which vibrate greatly when it is in operation (in the following photo it is not that it is moved or distorted, it is that the radiators vibrate so much that it is impossible to hold them “still”).

Creative Muvo Go

In general, this is a more than adequate portable speaker in terms of audio quality, and with a sound level good enough to be used outdoors and to be heard very well even from a certain distance. It’s not a Sound Blaster ROAR obviously, but it’s also a third of the price of these.

Conclusion and verdict

With 18 hours of autonomy, its easy way to transport, its good audio quality and its protection against water, the Muvo Go seems like a very versatile portable speaker and, in fact, it is an ideal model for adventurers who want to take the music with me everywhere, from camping or to the mountains, to those who go by bike or who want to throw a pool party.

Creative Muvo Go

Of course, the sale price on the Creative website is 79.99 Euros, and although this manufacturer usually offers offers that reduce its price quite frequently, it seems a bit expensive, since not everyone will be willing to spend the almost 80 Euros that it costs for a portable speaker, even if it is very resistant to water. We believe that a price of €60 would be much more appropriate.

All in all, we think the Muvo Go is an excellent portable speaker for those who want to take their music with them wherever they are, which is why we give it our Gold award, as well as our design recommendation.

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