Credit Card Fraud: Hackers Target ATMs to Steal Your Money

Hackers have come up with an ingenious new system to steal your money. They would now be able to duplicate your code live when you withdraw money from an ATM.

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If you have recently withdrawn money from an ATM in the Paris region, it is possible that your credit card code has been intercepted by hackers. Straight from the United Kingdom, this new type of scam, unprecedented in France, has already made nearly 300 victims for an estimated damage of 39,000 euros. This is not the first time that ATMs have been targeted by hackers, since one of them had managed to hack them via the NFC of his smartphone.

According to the payment fraud brigade of the Paris police headquarters, criminals have used an elaborate hacking system to directly duplicate your bank card code when you withdraw money from an ATM. . For this, hackers would have connected a special box on payment terminals. They were thus able to recover the secret codes on another ATM nearby when the victims inserted their bank cards and typed in their code.

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2 suspects were arrested

It would seem that the police have succeeded in indicting two individuals suspected of having set up the scam on Friday April 8. The operation of this new type of scam was simple, since one of the two identified customers at ATMs, while the other withdrew money by duplicating the codes on a second distributor. The targeted payment terminals were mainly located in car parks, service stations and in laundromats.

The criminals recovered the data contained on the bank tracks, the 16 digits, the date of validity, the cryptogram, often to resell them. What is new is that this time they have managed to duplicate the flow of data that enters and leaves the chip », Explains a police source to 20 minutes.

For the moment, a judicial investigation has been opened for ” organized fraud, use of counterfeit or falsified payment, fraudulent extraction of data “. For the moment, it is not known if all the suspects have been arrested. We can therefore only advise you to remain cautious and withdraw your money from a bank, rather than using ATMs easily accessible by pirates. Various researchers have already shown that the security of these distributors was far from infallible.

Source : 20 minutes

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