Cryptocurrencies outperform Apple in market value

There is no doubt that cryptocurrencies had very modest beginnings. I remember perfectly that, in its first stage, Bitcoin had a negligible value, it was possible to mine it effortlessly in large quantities, and in fact it even became a common gift among friends who mined it and who wanted to encourage others to do so.

Imagine the situation, you receive 100 Bitcoins in 2010, whose unit value was barely 0.003 dollars, that is, in total they were worth three cents on the dollar. Today, 11 years later, those 100 Bitcoins would have made you rich, since they would have a total value of 6.134 million dollars. Each unit was worth $ 61,346 at the time of this writing.

No one expected that cryptocurrencies would reach the value they have today, and the technology on which they are based, known as blockchain or chain of blocks. The fact is that, over the years, and after overcoming several bubbles that have called into question the real viability of cryptocurrencies, they have finally managed to surpass Apple in market value.

To give you an idea of ​​what this means, I remind you that We are talking about digital assets that, until eleven years ago, had no real value, that is to say, they were negligible even in large quantities, and today they have outperformed Apple, the giant of more than two trillion dollars. It is impossible not to feel a little dizzy after reading these lines.

Doing a quick analysis, we see that cryptocurrencies peaked at $ 2.37 trillion in market capitalization value, while Apple had, at the same time, a market capitalization of 2.33 trillion dollars. The numbers speak for themselves, although the difference is so small that a simple change in the value of any of them could again tip the balance in favor of one or the other.

It is impossible to predict the future of something as volatile as Bitcoin, but according to experts expected to break the $ 100,000 barrier shortly. Seeing the evolution of this cryptocurrency it is clear that it would not be impossible, but it will be necessary to see if it does not cross, on the way to that goal, with a new bubble.

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