decorate Windows with these Halloween themes and backgrounds

Despite being an American holiday, the truth is that Halloween is gradually spreading throughout the globe. Everyone lives it in their own way, those who celebrate it, but now we are going to show you a series of very useful elements to decorate your PC with Windows and be a little scarier.

Surely many of you are aware of multiple functions integrated into the Microsoft operating system to customize its appearance. In the same way, we have characteristics that allow us to adapt its operation to our needs. But if there is something that we have been using for years to adapt the Windows interface to our liking, those are the themes and backgrounds. These are the elements that are part of our desktop in the operating system and that we can change quickly and easily.

At the same time, it is worth knowing that we can use a background in the form of a fixed image, or a theme made up of several of these backgrounds so that they change automatically. Whatever our choice, below we are going to show you a series of themes and backgrounds to give your system a look totally related to Halloween. This will allow us to give our team with Windows a scarier look and suitable for this coming celebration.

The best Halloween backgrounds for Windows

Here we are going to show you a series of backgrounds in the form of still images to establish on the Windows desktop and thus give it a more terrifying aspect related to Halloween.

Pumpkins: in this festivity They could not pass these elements that are considered to be the most representative of Halloween.

Cemetery: there is no doubt that this festivity is directly related to terror, hence cemeteries and witches are not lacking.

halloween witches

Terrifying cakes: among the many elements that Halloween affects, everything related to cooking is an important part.

halloween kitchen

Homemade Halloween: in our country it is less common, but in USA it is common to see impressive decorations of houses related to Halloween.

decorated house

Scary Halloween: we can find more creepy backgrounds than others, and this is a clear example of it.

scary halloween

Scary themes to decorate the desktop

The first thing you should know is that when we talk about themes for Windows Actually we are referring to a series of elements, among them the backgrounds, they change the appearance of the system. This way we will have all those images that will be established on the Windows desktop and they will change automatically.

  • Halloween Theme: here we find a theme especially focused on the holiday that we are commenting on and that is made up of a total of 19 HD images.
  • Cute Halloween Theme: in this case, we will have a wide variety of backgrounds, 18 in total, all of them Halloween, some with a certain humorous tone.
  • Pumpkin Theme: There is no doubt that if pumpkins and their decorations are your thing, this is the theme that you will like the most.
  • Scary Halloween Theme: less humorous and more focused on results creepyhere we have a theme made up of 18 other HD backgrounds for Windows.

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