Digital Health: How technology transforms your well-being

Thinking about health necessarily implies thinking about technology, since this alliance, known as health technology, has proven to be highly beneficial and effective in addressing the main challenges of the health sector. But, why is this combination so effective?

In the field of healthcare, technology has become an essential companion in all aspects and processes. From medical equipment to entertainment options designed for patients in recovery, to the systems responsible for maintaining an adequate environment, the evolution of technology and its adaptation to the health field have significantly promoted the search for comprehensive health.

Health is an aspect that affects each individual and, when compromised, impacts all aspects of our lives. For this reason, the healthcare sector is increasingly turning to technology to heal, inform, entertain or breathe.

A vertical with potential

Health technology represents an opportunity for any seller. The Spanish Federation of Health Technology Companies (FENIN) established that in 2022 the sector earned 7% to reach 10,150 million euros.

This amount ranges from digitalization projects for health centers or hospitals, the introduction of new solutions for operating rooms or laboratories to the improvement of care or dissemination with communication tools for patients. An entire universe framed in public and private territory that needs basic health technology to offer maximum performance.

For its part, a report from the Spanish Association of Bioenterprises (Asebio) in 2022 stated that health technology was one of the few segments that increased its growth in terms of production. Specifically, the biotech they did so by 7.8%. It is a sector that during and after the pandemic continued to grow and attract financing. In addition, they placed Spain in the top European positions with respect to health centers.

The challenges to address

However, health technology has a long way to go. A path where health professionals, patients and technology walk together.

Key priorities include automation of workflows, improvement of customer experience, an older protection of private data of patients and work optimization of health professionals. These challenges not only impact the efficiency of healthcare systems, but also have a profound effect on people’s quality of life.

Under the backdrop of all these challenges is the increase in demand for health services. Growing awareness of the importance of taking care of physical and mental health and well-being, in addition to an aging population, has led to increased seeking of medical care. This puts additional pressure on health systems, requiring an efficient and effective response through health technology and innovation.

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