Disbandment of the Twitter board, which suspends its Chirp developer event

When barely a week has passed since the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk, the company’s management team until the entry of its new owner in the company has been practically dismantledboth for the layoffs that Musk executed in his first hours as the new owner of Twitter and for the resignations that occurred during the following days.

The first to walk out the door, kicked out, were its CEO, Parag Agrawal; its CFO, Ned Segal; its Head of Legal Department, Vijaya Gadde, and its General Counsel, Sean Edgett. The first three had severance pay totaling about $100 million that Musk refuses to pay, saying he has reason to fire them. As it seems evident that it will happen, they are studying the legal steps they can take from now on to be paid the amount that Twitter stipulated that they would receive in case of dismissal, since no matter how hard he tries, Musk has no real reason to fire them without compensation.

Next out the door, according to CNN, was her Client Manager, Sarah Personette. She this she tweeted last October 27 that she had had a monumental row with Elon Musk, and on the 28th she presented her resignation. On the same day she also resigned the Head of People and Diversity, Dalana Brand. Both have confirmed it on their Twitter accounts.

Other Twitter directors who have also resigned have not been so explicit, but Nick Caldwell, Lead Technology Manager of the company, has changed its bio on the social network. Now, in this space, Caldwell says that he is a “former director of Twitter.” For his part, Jay Sullivan, Head of Consumer Products and Revenuehas removed the company name and title from his Twitter bio.

They have also left the company Marketing Manager, Leslie Berland, and it’s unclear if other senior Twitter executives, such as Vice President of Operations Lindsey Iannucci, remain in their posts. Meanwhile, Elon Musk has unilaterally dissolved the company’s Board of Directors, which included, among others, one of the CEOs of Salesforce, Bret Taylor.

Musk has been the head of Twitter for several days now, and it seems that he has decided to fill in the gaps left by fired and resigned managers with various investors and friends while he decides what to do. For now, what he has achieved is sowing chaos on the social network with proposals such as charging for the verification badge and doubling the price of his monthly subscription, Twitter Blue, which would include verification. It is unknown if those who want to opt for verification of their account will still have to meet certain requirements, or it will be enough for anyone to pay a monthly fee.

Meanwhile, investor Jason Calacanis, and crypto-focused Andreessen Horowitz partner and former head of consumer equipment, Sriram Krishnan, have confirmed on Twitter that they are working with Musk to manage the company and come up with new products. Musk has also implicated David Sacks, another investor in Craft Ventures, in the project; as well as several Tesla engineers. The Head of security and integration of Twitter, Yoel Roth, is one of those who follows in the company.

Musk is likely counting on some kind of advice from Jack Dorsey, the company’s former CEO and one of its founders. Musk’s friend Dorsey has integrated his share of Twitter stock into the new company owned by Musk. He has done it as an investment, and in the process has saved the new Twitter CEO a good amount of money.

For now, little else is known about Musk’s plans beyond various rumours, which even speak of the fact that this Friday half of its workers may be fired from the company, to whom Musk may also eliminate their telecommuting option immediately. . For now, another decision they have made is the Suspension of your Chirp Developer Eventwhich was to be held in two weeks.

According to Engadget, the conference was to be held on November 16 after a break that had already lasted seven years. From Twitter they notified the developers that they were going to participate, as well as other people who had confirmed their attendance, without giving a reason for the suspension, apart from the fact that they are working internally in the company to improve the social network.

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