Do you have an iPhone XS Max? Protect it with these covers

What to look for in a good case

When buying a new case for your iPhone XS Max, we believe that the following points should be taken into account:

  • Design. Each sleeve is custom styled with a variety of colors or patterns. You always have to look for something that fits your personal taste regardless of the rest of the other characteristics. It is important because it is something that you will see constantly so this choice should be important.
  • Quality. The materials that are used to build a specific cover are really important. It will depend on these that the cover is durable and withstands the passage of time. In this case, it will also depend on the materials you want to choose since there are some covers that resist more than others.
  • Price. It is undoubtedly one of the most important factors when making a purchase. This is something that is very personal and will depend on what you want to pay for a specific case. The most relevant thing is that there is a wide variety of models available and you will always find one that suits your pocket.
  • Guarantee and trust. The cover over time can deteriorate, and above all it can happen that it is unforeseen. This makes it highly recommended to buy from a brand that has a guarantee system in accordance with national legislation. This is achieved above all with brands that are trusted, although when buying from Amazon all standards are met.

Transparent cases for iPhone XS

The design of the iPhone XS is undoubtedly very beautiful and the cases that are opaque can end up hiding it of course. That is why if you want to show off your iPhone, it is best to have transparent cases. Here we show you the most relevant ones.


This is a case that has been specially designed with the iPhone XS in mind. This built in PC and TPU It offers an ultra-clear as well as tough case that can withstand scratches. This is really important since normally the iPhone is carried in the pocket or in the bag where the contact with keys can exist. This makes it necessary to have a resistant cover in this sense to prevent it from deteriorating over time.

In addition, the design offers that the bezels are raised to offer protection to the screen and the camera. This is an advanced shock absorption technology that prevents the screen from cracking with any blow. This also adds to easy access to all controls and functions by having perfect cutouts for speakers, camera, and the charging port.


ESR holster

If you want to protect the back of the iPhone XS Max, ESR offers the best option by integrating a case with a tempered glass. Specifically in the pack that comes home you you will find a plastic bundle that will be placed on the edges. Next you will place a tempered glass on the back that has a perfectly made hole to house the device’s camera. This glass has a 9H resistance to ensure that it cannot be easily scratched.

The bundle that is placed around it is also specially designed to be able to counteract shocks and absorb impact. Above all, they have reinforced the corners, which is where the screen is most likely to break in the event of a collision. It also offers a lifetime guarantee in case there is significant damage or even if the edges end up yellowing, something they promise should not happen.

Amazon Basics

Amazon Basics Case

The Amazon brand has an important set of objects in its own store. One of those types of accessories is transparent iPhone cases that enjoy a very good quality. It is perfectly designed to provide total protection for the iPhone XS by being made with TPU + PC. It also has a slim design to avoid significantly increasing the volume of the device and can continue to use without much difference.

It integrates precise slots for the buttons for quick access. The inner part of the case is soft and cushions all shocks providing flexible protection. The sides are prepared to absorb the impact of blows, thus preventing the rear or front glass from breaking. Specifically, it is tested to withstand a fall of up to 2 meters.


This cover provides 360-degree triple-layer coverage protection. This makes the edges are fully protected against the impacts that are occurring. It is really important since any impact on the sides of an iPhone XS Max can lead to the breakage of the screen. This makes this type of case with a resistant bundle really interesting.

In addition, to gain much more resistance, a pack of two H9 screen protectors is included. In this way, it is much more protected against the impacts of the device by protecting both the rear and front of the device. This means that when the iPhone is with this case it can withstand the impact of a fall of up to 3 meters in height. All this with a completely transparent back that allows you to see the design of the device.

Covers made of silicone

When we talk about iPhone cases, the most common thing is to buy a silicone one. They differ from those that we have discussed previously in the color palette that is integrated and that makes you have an iPhone as more colorful.

Apple Official

Official Apple Case

This case has been specially designed for the iPhone XS in order to correctly adapt the volume buttons, side button and the phone curves. This makes absolutely nothing bulky and is fully protected. The cameras also fit perfectly, and this is vital so that in case of a blow, the case does not detach from the iPhone itself or that the energy of the impact is transferred to the device itself, damaging the glass.

In addition, this case is perfectly compatible with wireless charging, not having to remove it to start charging on the compatible charger. Inside you can find a microfiber lining that protects the iPhone from scratches, and the outer silicone finish creates a soft effect. It is undoubtedly one of the best cases for the iPhone XS Max but it has the problem of having a high price.


iPhone XS Max SURPHY case

This case is made with liquid silicone that offers the user a pleasant and soft feeling to the touch. The material is made for prevent it from sliding across the table or any other surface. In this way it is avoided that it can easily fall to the ground when it is supported by firmly grasping the surfaces. It perfectly fits the iPhone XS Max with a 6.5-inch screen.

Inside there is a soft and non-slip microfiber lining to protect the iPhone from abrasion and slipping while being designed to be shockproof. The finish is matte and the color is pure, being available in a wide chromatic range having a really elegant style. In addition, cleaning of dust and dirt is facilitated thanks to a simple damp cloth.



With a slim and very light design, you will not notice that you are wearing any type of case on the iPhone XS Max. It is designed to fit the phone perfectly with the goal of having precise cutouts for all buttons and ports. And although it is visually quite simple, the truth is that it has a refined design to guarantee maximum durability. It is built in liquid silicone to enjoy a superior quality, soft and safe while being respectful with the environment.

On the sides there is a straight edge that allows release 85% of the heat that the device can generate. This will extend the life of the iPhone and also enjoy a safer induction charge due to better cooling. This is also achieved thanks to the mesh cushion that it has inside, not opting for the classic microfiber that we see in the rest of the covers on the market.

The most resistant for your iPhone

If you are a user who puts the iPhone at ‘risk’ because of work or because you are going to go out to do sports, it is certainly recommended that you have an extremely resistant case. For the iPhone XS Max in the market you can find models that comply with these rules that we show you below.



This case offers greater resistance for the iPhone XS Max thanks to its construction materials. One of the main ones is foam and a double layer body with a flexible interior but maintaining a robustness on the outside. The manufacturer promises that it has been tested against high impact drops so that the equipment does not end up breaking. The protection reaches the ports themselves, which are completely covered thanks to this cover.

The pack itself also includes a screen protector that is placed together with the case, remaining fully attached to the device. It also includes a stand function, allowing you to view multimedia content in a comfortable way by resting the iPhone on a table, being ideal if you go by air or rail transport. In this way, comfort is gained without losing the resistance that you have with this cover.


Lanhiem iphone xs max

This is a hard metal case on the outside that prevents any type of scratch. It is also a soft inner bumper shell that absorbs shock and withstands any fall that may occur. Its main mission is to protect the device and is strong by also including a tempered glass screen protector to keep the screen safe from any kind of impact.

Although it is a resistant armor for the iPhone, it maintains a fairly elegant aesthetic without being too showy as it is with other cases that are resistant. Installation is extremely simple as detailed instructions are included for installation. To disassemble it, you need an Allen key that is included in the pack itself, seeing here how safe this cover is.



Premium case with a 3-layer shell, having a degree of military resistance that provides the maximum possible resistance, withstanding shocks and falls of up to 2 meters in height. In addition, it is also tested to be able to resist environments that are bad, such as the field or a construction site. Has a degree of IP68 waterproof being able to submerge it at 2 meters for 1 hour without suffering any type of damage.

And if you like photography, it includes a support to support it anywhere like a rock in the middle of the field to take a photo or video. The cover is completely sealed so it stops any type of dirt and dust on the iPhone XS Max so you do not have to worry while you are working. At all times the device will be safe and is available in different colors.

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