Do you need a battery for your portable console? so it should be

It is curious to see how we all have quite internalized that of carrying an external battery with us, one of those power bank that some call, for recharge the smartphone when your battery runs out but, nevertheless, when we take the portable console we do not fall into the idea that we have similar solutions so as not to end up with the game halfway.

And it is that there is nothing that bothers more than leaving the house, biting us with the game that we carry on the laptop and seeing that We only have 5% left that does not give us to continue advancing in the history. So if you want to extend those minutes, or perhaps hours, of mobile entertainment a little longer, here we bring you several alternatives depending on the device you have in hand (and without the need to resort to tweezers and the car battery). Either a Nintendo Switch or, for example, a PC consolidated Steam Deck style.

Nintendo Switch alternatives

If you have a Japanese console you should know that you have many alternatives to use and that, very surely, if you already have a power bank for mobile, you have a good chance that it will work for the console. Especially if it already has a USB-C connector of the kind that practically all Android phones have, which is the one that our Switch has at the bottom.

If not, then you can buy one and we are going to focus on models like the one you can see in the opening image, at the very top. It is a bit bulky but it has a plus of functionalities that could come in handy. That CSL model is a all in one that not only lengthens with 10,000 mAh. the autonomy of the machine, but also add USB ports, kickstand leg and slot to insert games or a microSD card.

If you don’t want so much paraphernalia or hassle, You can opt for a more classic model but with a mount to hook it to your Switch. These are models in the shape of power bank for smartphones that you can easily put on and remove, only to use it when you are really about to run out of battery in the console. Models like the one you can see above are perfect and are not very expensive.

Steam Deck Style Consoles

If, on the other hand, you want to feed a Steam Deck, things change since Any external battery that you want to use must meet an essential requirement: have a charging power of at least 45W. Everything that downloads from there will not be of any use to you and you will only receive the message that the device is not being refilled. Obviously, so much power will serve you both for Steam Deck and for any other PC consolidated with similar characteristics, as well as for other inferior machines, including Nintendo Switch.

Steam Deck Battery.

A model that could be useful to you is that of Antank (image above) that It has a capacity of 16,000 mAh.a charging speed of 45W, USB-C connectivity with cables with “L”-shaped terminals so that they do not take up as much space and a support to carry it anchored to the back.

xiaomi powerbank.

However, if you prefer another more classic model, perfect even for laptops and consoles like Switch, you can get this one. power bank from Xiaomi that reaches 20,000 mAh, offers 50W fast charging and output for three ports at the same time.

If you run out of energy it’s because you want to, right?

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