Do you need a portable power station? Check out these Bluetti offers

Bluetti is a company specialized in portable power stations and also in solar panels. They aim to provide electrical energy wherever you go, it does not matter if you go to the mountains to camp, hike and even if you take a trip and live in a van, you will always have electrical power for all your devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers laptops and much more. If you need a portable power station, Bluetti has launched significant discounts and offers on Black Friday 2021, with which you can save up to € 600. Do you want to know all the offers that we have available?

Discount Bluetti Portable Power Stations

Currently we have a wide variety of portable power stations and solar panels to recharge these power stations easily and cheaply. Bluetti has a large number of power station models to perfectly adapt to our needs, then we show you the main ones and the discount that we are going to have this Black Friday.

Bluetti EB150

The Bluetti EB150 It is one of the best-selling models by the manufacturer due to its technical specifications and price. This equipment has a 1000W pure sine wave inverter, so it is capable of powering most outdoor appliances without any problem, in addition, it has a large 1,500Wh battery, so we will not have to worry about autonomy. This portable power station is compatible with Bluetti solar panel with up to 500W, so we could charge the power station in 4.5 hours if there is enough sunlight. If you want one of the best portable stations, now is a great opportunity to buy it thanks to the discount it has.

The normal price of this portable power station is € 1,399, but for Black Friday we have it reduced by € 400, so it will cost us only € 999.

Bluetti EB240

This model Bluetti EB240 It seems that it is exactly the same as the EB150 model, but this equipment has a 60% higher capacity. This model has huge 2,400Wh batteries and is prepared to withstand very low temperatures. If you need greater autonomy, this model is the one you should buy, in addition, you can power any device with ambient temperatures of up to -20ºC without any problem, such as an electric heater in winter.

The normal price of this portable power station is € 1,799, but we have it reduced by € 400 for Black Friday, the final discounted price is € 1,399.

Bluetti EB55 and EB70

The models Bluetti EB55 and the model Bluetti EB70 They are also very similar, but taking into account the technical characteristics, they are oriented to totally different uses. The EB55 model has a 700W power inverter and a 537Wh capacity LiFePO4 battery, the EB70 model is somewhat superior, providing up to 1000W of power and has a 716Wh LiFePO4 battery, so we will have greater autonomy and greater power in this latest model. The manufacturer also sells the AC50S model, which is a small device with which we can power devices with up to 300W of power, it has a 500Wh lithium battery pack.

The normal price of the EB55 is € 659 but we have a discount of € 110, so it would stay at € 549. The normal price of the EB70 is € 759 but we have a discount of € 110, so the final price would be € 649.

Bluetti AC200P

The latest model we have on offer for Black Friday 2021 is the Bluetti AC200P, a very powerful model and one of the best portable power stations. This model has a 2000W power pure sine wave inverter, it has a long-life LiFePO4 battery of 2000Wh capacity, in addition, this battery withstands more than 3,500 charge cycles without problems before the maximum capacity is degraded by below 80%. This model has a total of 13 power outputs, including 12V and 25A alternating current and direct current outputs. We can power this model with the 500W power adapter that comes in the box, but it is also compatible with solar panels of up to 700W to recharge the battery quickly, so in about 4 hours it will be charged without problems.

The normal price of the AC200P is € 1999 but we have a discount of € 300, so it would stay at € 1699. The normal price of the EB70 is € 759 but we have a discount of € 110, so it would stay at € 649.

These Bluetti offers have already started and will be available until November 30, so you have very few days to take advantage of these offers, hurry up!

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