Do you save electricity with the time change? Tricks to get more out of it

In the next few days, as happens every 6 months, we will return to Change the time. In this case, we are going to turn the clock back one hour. It is a measure that has been carried out for many years, but that always, when the date arrives, makes us wonder if it really helps save energy. In this article we are going to talk about it. We are going to explain if we really use less electricity with the time change and we will also give you some tips to save more.

We have seen how the price of energy has risen considerably in recent years, although with ups and downs. This makes it even more necessary to take certain measures to spend less. Regardless of whether there is a time change or not, we can always make some changes and adjustments to our home to pay less.

Save or not change the time

The first thing we can say is yes. At least in general terms, changing the time helps save energy. If we take data from the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving, we save about 5%. Of course, this is taking into account the total of Spain. It should be mentioned that not all people use energy the same, nor do we have the same habits, nor are our homes the same.

Therefore, in general terms we can say that it is a measure that saves energy (something logical, on the other hand, since we have been doing it for decades), but we must also say that In certain cases we will not see any change or we can even spend more. Why can it depend? A clear example is the time we spend at home and the habits we have. A person who works at home as soon as they wake up and has to turn on the lights or not depending on the time change is not the same as another person who is out but then spends more time at home in the afternoon.

As you can see, it will depend a little on your habits. Basically, it will depend on how you can take advantage of those hours of sunshine each day or not. The less you turn on the lights, the less you will pay. When it gets dark earlier, this may mean you have to turn on the lights at home an hour earlier. On the other hand, in the morning it will take longer to turn them on.

Tips to take advantage of the change

Beyond the time change itself, it is good that you take into account some factors to save energy. The objective is to pay less on the electricity bill and thus save money. We are going to give you some recommendations that you can put into practice in a simple way during these next few months.

Use home automation

The home automation It can help you save electricity at home. You can program the on and off of lights, for example, as well as other appliances that you use on a daily basis. You can spend less electricity with few changes you make. There are smart plugs, to which you will be able to connect devices of all kinds.

Therefore, a good complement to changing the time is to use home automation. It will allow you to save energy, in addition to automating tasks and thus gaining comfort. The uses are very diverse and you can always find devices that adapt to what you need. Sometimes you will have to use wireless repeaters to improve the signal.

Automate the house in summer thanks to home automation

Change your habits

Maybe you have the habit of reading for a while every afternoon, for example. You may also go to study, work, play or any other action that requires a properly illuminated environment. Change habits It can mean moving forward or delaying something you do every day for a while and thus taking advantage of the sunlight and not having to turn on the lights or not turn on for so long. But it is also simply moving to another room where you receive more light, for longer.

Furthermore, when winter approaches, and sunlight lasts less time, it can cause us to turn on the heating when we really don’t need it. Careful with this. Be guided by the temperature of your home and use it only if necessary. You can use a smart thermostat for this.

Turn off what you don’t use

As we have explained, changing the time can save you 5%. At least, that’s what the general data says. But you can save even double, simply with a change as simple as turning off everything you don’t need. This is what is known as the phantom consumption and it can amount to 10% of your bill.

To avoid this, you can completely turn off the television, disconnect chargers or any other device that you have connected to electricity and do not need. It will help you pay less and thus prevent your bills from skyrocketing without you realizing it.

In short, changing the time may or may not be a savings method depending on your habits. You can always change some aspects of your daily life, such as using home automation or ending phantom consumption. All this will help you pay less.

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