Does your cat or dog bite the cables of the computer? So you can avoid it

Bringing a pet home is a lottery in how our PC will be affected, especially if they are puppies and want to explore the world around them. They scratch or nibble at everything and it is not only our furniture that is usually in danger, but also the components and accessories of our computer. It is because of that before the arrival at home of your new dog or cat It is important to follow a series of measures to protect your computer, especially given the mania that the animal may have for biting cables. That is why we are going to give you a series of tips to avoid headaches.

If we look at all the promotional images of the different brands, with those perfect setups, we will see that they all have something in common. Not only that they are totally clean, but also because they are fully prepared against cats and dogs. The reason? Many times you will not see a single cable in the middle. And it is that for many users that these are in sight is something that gives them stress, for others not so much, but what is clear is that it is having a pet and suddenly seeing all your cables in danger.

Why should you protect your computer cables from your dog or cat?

The answer to the question is simple, due to the fact that we need them and many times an electric current passes through them that could harm them. Obviously, they are not aware of the danger that this entails and it is important to have the wiring neat and out of sight of our dog or cat. In addition, a broken cable means having to buy it again and in times of crisis it is not a good idea to spend a large part of our budget on cables that would otherwise remain intact.

So the best solution is to have a good cable organization. This will not only allow us to have a clear desk, but it will also remove the temptations for your animal to chew everything, especially if it is in the stage in which it is changing milk teeth for adult ones and chews everything to relieve its pain. However, it is easy to fix the problem.

Dog Cat Biting Wire

Use a cable organizer

you have it as easy as use a gutterin which to pass all the peripheral cables inside, this will save you from being scattered and many of them are approved against the bites of the largest dogs and scratches from cats. In addition, they greatly reduce the mess that is usually organized on the desktop. We recommend using two on each PC. One for the peripherals and one for the power supply.

Protect the power strip from your dog or cat

The strip where we will connect the power supply of our PC, as well as the monitor, is also in danger of being bitten and there is a danger that the animal will be electrocuted. Our advice is that you use a cover like the one we give you as an example.

Use wireless peripherals

If you want a good excuse to use wireless mice, keyboards and even printers, it is precisely the fact that you have a dog or cat at home. This will be less cables that will be around and, therefore, the possibility of them ending up biting is reduced. And yes, you will have to worry about the charge level of these, but you will not see your pet chewing the mouse cable, which is annoying when you are gaming or working.

wireless peripherals

Keep the Pendrives in a safe place

You may see that Flash Drive flying around due to the fact that they are playing with it and even nibbling on it. The same can be said of memory cards, so we recommend keeping them in a drawer. And yes, we know that it is something very obvious, but we say it from experience.

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