‘Dune: Part 2’, trailer and release date of the great science fiction odyssey

It has been made to beg… and more than is going to be done, but finally the second part of the wonderful Dune by Denis Villeneuve has a title, official trailer and release date, although if we talk about the former, they haven’t eaten their heads much: Dunes: Part 2 it is what it is, because it is what it had to be, as a Bene Gesserit would say. Or maybe not.

Be that as it may, and as everyone knows by now, this new adaptation of Frank Herbert’s science fiction classic comes from Denis Villeneuve, director of films that are as good as they are bland: prisoners, the arrival either Blade Runner 2049 They are his best known works. And now DuneOf course, not in vain has he reached a level of visual delight with it that he approached with the sequel to the replicants, but that he has ended up embroidering.

And not just visual. As an adaptation, also considering the density of the original novel, Villeneuve has also made a spectacular job; and he has done it with the bill of a film -after all, that is the product- of those that dare to touch a complicated material for different reasons, but that end up coming out triumphant and convincing almost everyone, something not too common these days.

We are not going to raise now to Dune to the category of The Lord of the rings because it has not had the same impact, nor has it developed in the same way: time will put it in its place. But what has been done in recent years is most remarkable, there is no doubt. In relation to shared grace, a quick look at the main platforms can serve to attest to it: an average score of 74-7.9 on Metacritic for critics and audiences, 83%-90% on Rotten Tomatoes, an 8 on IMdB…

Dunes: Part 2

Now of course It’s time to finish the story smoothly, which is the most difficult and Dunes: Part 2 it’s about exactly that. It is worth mentioning a curious fact in this regard, and that is that the success of its first part depended on the filming of the second. Or, put another way, it didn’t matter how good the film was, that if it had failed, we would have been left with a half story.

Luckily, Villanueve was right with everything, to highlight a cast headed by Timothée Chalamet (call me by your name, little women) in the leading role as Paul Atreides, but full of first-class figures, an overwhelming artistic and visual section, a soundtrack composed by the master Hans Zimmer that transports you to Arrakis and almost never for the better… Complaints were heard about the rhythm of the film, but of course they should be from those who have not read Dune.

I don’t roll up anymore, I already did it at the time: Dune It was my “best” film of 2021 and even though I’ve only seen it one other time, I stand by that opinion. That’s why I hope the second fulfills. We will know from next November 3, date of its theatrical release. Below you can see the extensive trailer of Dunes: Part 2but if what you want is to see the first part, know that you have it on HBO Max and Movistar +.

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