Dungeon and Dragons cartoons streaming on Twitch (but only for one day)

Wizards of the Coast announced that next week it will stream on Twitch the Dungeon and Dragons cartoons. The news comes directly from the official Dungeons & Dragons Twitter account.

Wizard of The Thing will stream the entire Dungeon & Dragons cartoon series next Friday on Twitch

The event will be an opportunity for Wizard of The Coast to celebrate Secret Lair, the next set of Magic: The Gathering which will include characters from the iconic 80s cartoon.

THE Dungeons & Dragons cartoons they were originally broadcast by CBS from 1983 to 1985. In Italy the 27 episodes were instead broadcast starting from 1985 on Rete 4.

The cartoon is basically an isekai anime, in which a group of real-world children are transported to a fantasy world filled with monsters and D&D characters. The group then receives abilities (roughly corresponding to the D&D classes of the time) from a character called literally Dungeon Master and try to find a way back home. The main antagonists of the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon include the villain magician Venger and the dragon goddess Tiamat, which children occasionally manipulate to try to achieve their ultimate goal.

The Dungeons & Dragons cartoon it was considered a very controversial title at the time of its debut, both because of the poor reputation of the game and because of the satanic panic that raged in the 80s and because it was surprisingly violent for a cartoon of the time.

The show never had a proper ending, with the series ending on a cliffhanger in which the show’s protagonists try to decide whether to go home or stay and save the fantasy realm they’re in.

A curious fact is that relating to a Brazilian commercial for a French car made a couple of years ago, in which the Dungeon Master arrive in an SUV and help the children beat Tiamat and finally return to the real world. I believe that until then no one could have imagined such an original ending.

Coming back to us, however, this could be our only chance to see the whole series of Dungeon & Dragons cartoons given that it is not officially available on any streaming channel. So we just have to tune in to D&D Twitch channel on Friday 9 July starting from 18.00 Italian time.

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