Echo Buds 2 earphones with Alexa are on sale at an all-time low

We know. At first, it took some convincing to buy an Alexa device. You did not want to have an active microphone at home and you did not see the usefulness that the device could bring you. However, once you get used to Alexa, it becomes complicated day to day if you don’t have access to the wizard. Amazon knows this, and that’s why they launched the Echo Buds, in-ear headphones that allow you to always have your voice assistant at hand. During these days, you can get these Amazon headphones with Alexa for a really interesting price.

Do not detach yourself from Alexa: the Echo Buds 2 at an all-time low on Amazon

Spring is here, and Amazon has decided to celebrate it by lowering the price of many of its Alexa-compatible devices. For the next 9 days, products like the Fire TV Stock, the Echo Dot or the Echo Show will be heavily discounted. And among the discounted products, the most outstanding are undoubtedly the Echo Buds second generationsome headphones that arrived very recently in our country and that we have been able to analyze in depth very recently.

The Amazon Echo Buds 2 are a great bet if you are looking for a very complete product. We are facing very ergonomic headphones, with in-ear design and True Wireless type. They adapt perfectly to the ear and can even be used for sports activities. The headphones pair directly with the Alexa app, unlocking their full voice assistant potential.

The second generation Amazon Echo Buds have active noise cancellation, a feature that already makes headphones interesting in itself, since you will be able to listen to your music or your podcasts with great peace of mind in hectic places such as public transport. According to the sound qualitythis proposal has a quality very consistent with its price, so you will not find fault in this regard.

Regarding the charging case, we are facing a very compact and lightweight model, a detail that is appreciated. This accessory allows a maximum autonomy of 15 hours playback, with usage times of 5 hours for each recharge. They also have a fast charging system that will allow you to have an autonomy of 2 hours of use with a charge of only 15 minutes.

Go outside with Alexa

calls echo buds

However, the real draw of the Echo Buds 2 is the use of Alexa. If you already have your home automated with Alexa, you can imagine the potential that you can get out of these headphones. The Echo Buds allow you to access your Alexa ecosystem, even when you are not at home, with an experience far superior to what you can enjoy on your mobile phone. That means being able to take advantage of all the integrations, routines and reminders wherever you go. Of course, they work whether you use a mobile phone with iOS or Android.

Offer available for a limited time only

During this spring sale, the Echo Buds 2 are with a 33% discount on Amazon. Regardless of whether we get the white or black model, we will save about 40 euros on the price of these headphones. This price is its historical minimum, and a really irresistible offer considering its characteristics.

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