EllaLink optimizes its inventory management with Grupo SATEC

Grupo SATEC has been the integrator chosen by EllaLink for the implementation of its Inventory Management System and the tools to guarantee the operation of the network throughout its useful life.

EllaLink, the neutral carrier optical platform that offers high capacity direct and secure connectivity between Europe and Latin America via submarine cable has selected SATEC Group to undertake a project of operations support system (OSS).

It includes the management of the project, the management of supplies and the provision of infrastructures. With this OSS platform, the company seeks to offer a better customer experience and the highest level of service. As Fernando Nieto, SATEC Business Director, points out, “We brought together the knowledge of OSS, the engineering team and the relevant experience necessary to lead this project for EllaLink”.

For the implementation of its Inventory Management System, Grupo SATEC will deploy the VC4 BV proposal, VC4-IMS, which includes the discovery and reconciliation of the network and other modules. With this, EllaLink will be able to know at all times what devices work on the network and the resources consumed, from ports to cards, equipment, own and leased lines and data centers, among others. Also, there’s a web based inventory manage software that can business to make things less complicate.

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In this way, the company, through this solution, can collect and integrate information from the manufacturers deployed in your network through its owner EMS.

As explained by Rui Carrilho, Director of Engineering and Operations at EllaLink, the choice of this proposal has been “An important step of a project from the beginning. We have established a relationship of trust with SATEC and VC4 that will last throughout the project. With this implementation, EllaLink will be able to optimize the information and monitor the network almost immediately in a more efficient and reliable way ”.

The orchestration of Grupo SATEC

Along with this, the scope of the project is completed with the IT Service Management System (ITSM) and the Failure Management System (FM). The goal is for the ITSM to orchestrate EllaLink processes based on service delivery workflows and customer incident management, changes that may occur, service level agreements (SLAs), and customer alignment. the CMDB (Configuration Management DataBase), that is, the configuration management database to facilitate the management of IT services, with the inventory solution.

In this way, the Failure Management System records the alarms of the EllaLink (Infinera) infrastructure, providing a single console for a consolidated view of the status of the services.

Peter van Hartingsveld, vice president of business development at VC4, explains the importance of having the SATEC Group for the implementation of these solutions since it is a “very solid” partner. In addition, it also highlights the OSS solutions that EllaLink has chosen to optimize its management since “They will exponentially advance their network management capabilities”.

It should be remembered that EllaLink, with a mesh of 1.6 million kilometers on the ocean floor for its high capacity submarine cable between Europe and Latin America, it offers the only low latency transatlantic route for this connection. It is estimated that the cable can reduce current latency by up to 50%.

This new direct route between the two continents, in addition to optimizing the privacy of the transmitted data, provides greater bandwidth based on a new generation of cables, boosting the capacity for the transmission of large volumes of data and the use of computing. on the cloud.

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