Evil Dead Rise: Bruce Campbell puts the Necronomicon at the center of the sequel

With filming of the film underway in New Zealand, new rumors about the sequel to La Casa come from the set Evil Dead Rise, with Bruce Campbell which reveals that the Necronomicon will be an important part of the new film.

Despite leaving the role in 2018, the actor he has been for years Ash Williams in the franchise of evil Dead he is however involved in the production of new works based on the successful horror saga.

According to Campbell, the Necronomicon will star in Evil Dead Rise

Putting aside the 2013 reboot for a moment, the biggest force behind the evil Dead it definitely was Ash Williams, interpreted by Bruce Campbell.

After movies and TV series, the actor officially retired from the role in 2018, while remaining tied to the production of new shows based on that horror genre. That’s why he had no problem declaring, even in a joking way, that the next one Evil Dead Rise will give the Necronomicon a pivotal role in the film.

Speaking with EW, the actor said: ” People can call it whatever they want: sequel, remake, reimagination. But it’s just another Evil Dead movie. This is based on the book of the dead, the Necronomicon, explaining where it ends and what happens to it over the centuries. The film will no longer be set in a cabin in the woods, but in various places.

The original director Sam Raimi, now engaged with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, will be producer of the film. He had previously partnered with Faith Alvarez for the 2013 reboot, while this sequel will be directed by Lee Cronin.

For me the key thing, which I kept reminding myself, is to make sure it’s like a huge carouselCronin told Comicbook last year. “I want to make sure it has twists and turns and is engaging. To sum it up, I want to create a roller coaster of terror. This, in my opinion, is the key to making something worthy of the first films. I still remember the amazement of seeing the first Evil Dead as a boy. I want people. with this sequel, you feel what I felt in seeing that movie.

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