Fall Guys season 3.5: we tell you all the news

Fall Guys fever is gradually being relegated to the background with the rise of video games such as Among Us and Rust. Even so, it continues to register high numbers of players day after day. This is not surprising considering how much fun it can be.

In order to stay on the crest of the wave, its developers add new every two to three content. The objective is clear: to prevent tests from being repeated in excess, which weighs heavily on the experience.

This time, Fall Guys will be updated with Season 3.5. All changes and new features that will be introduced in the future have already been announced .

New test and changes to those already existing

What most calls the attention of the developer’s statement is the inclusion of a completely new test . It was very necessary, since despite the additions of the medieval season, they seemed short for those gamers who dedicate a few hours to enjoy this great game.

Unfortunately I still do not know knows nothing of the test, although with the tweet published by Mediatonic it can be deduced that the propellers will be very present on stage. Therefore, the timing of the jumps will be key in order to reach the end and not be left out of the classification.

The list of news does not end here . In order to give the previous tests a breath of fresh air, they will also receive a series of changes. Although they are not designed with the main objective of making them look different, far from it.

Certainly what the development company is trying to do is correct small bugs and traps that some gamers took advantage of. This is demonstrated by those shortcuts that allowed reaching the goal in record time, thus subtracting the competitiveness that Mediatonic intended to achieve in its games.

Specifically, the number of variations in existing levels amounts to a total of more than forty . Thanks to these additions, the degree of replayability will be increased, attracting players who left Fall Guys for being excessively repetitive.

All of them, along with the new gamers who attend the call of the season 3.5, will also have DLC packs that promise to be very eye-catching. Exactly the same will happen with the various costumes that will be present in the title’s regular store.

Characters as iconic from pop culture as Sonic -Sega’s bluish hedgehog- and Godzilla will be some of the additions, which will allow each gamer to embody the favorite creatures of each gamer dressing like them. These costumes will be joined by others that recently came out, assuming that of DOOM a success.

Release date

Mediatonic is aware of the expectation that is always generated when announcing a new update of his successful Fall Guys. Even so, for now he prefers not to mention an exact date in case there is a delay.

To satisfy the fans, they have dared to indicate that there is ‘very little’ left for patch 3.5 to be released on the various platforms for which it is available.

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