Fantavision, when nostalgia prevails over the need to revive a classic

The good thing about the passing of the years is that video game companies accumulate franchises that you never know when they will bring them back to life. And in the case of fantavision, few were those who even remembered its launch and many fewer who would hear from her again more than two decades after its premiere on PlayStation 2, thanks to a new installment that already has an official release date and everything.

Fantavision, what is that?

As we tell you, nobody knows when the next hare will jump in the form of an old title that returns to life. We don’t know if because they see it as necessary and someone makes sense of doing it, or because nothing is lost by trying to revive a franchise that, let’s face it, few were those who missed her. And if there was anyone, we already have our old PS2s lying around to relive old memories with this fireworks game.

You have to remember that fantavision It hit stores in the year 2000., from the hand of the then brand new second generation of PlayStation. A development designed to show the enormous graphic capacity of that console and that showed it thanks to some very advanced particle effects for the time. Now that few things surprise us seeing what PS5 is capable of, we will have a new helping of this colorful game of skill.

The result of that need that seems to have entered Sony is Fantavision 202Xa completely revamped game, As you can see in the video that you have just below, heir to the spirit of the original installment and with a quality that will make it unique: its compatibility with PS VR 2 that will go on sale early next year.

official release date

The point is that Fantavision 202X It already has an official release date that will be next February 22, 2023, next to Sony’s virtual reality headset exclusive to PS5. In this way, any user will be able to use it the way they like best: either on a normal television reliving the experience of the first installment of PS2, or thanks to the new viewer from the Japanese. Something similar to what happened with the sensational Tetris effect.

For those who have never heard of fantavision, It is a title of skill where we control a cursor in the middle of an extraordinary pyrotechnic show where we must point to three or more fireworks of the same color to make them explode on the screen at the same time, which increases the accumulated points on the scoreboard and serves to generate a first-rate night show.

It is obvious that the revival of this old Sony IP has a lot to do with PS VR 2 and the starter catalog with which they want to feed it, and which includes the VR experience of Horizon Forbidden West or the free patch for everyone who has Resident Evil Village that transforms the gaming experience into a whole passage of terror not suitable for people with heart problems.

And you, did you remember this? fantavision from ps2?

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