Father of the murdered child in La Pampa sends heartbreaking message: “forgive me for doing nothing”

Christian Dupuy, the father of the five-year-old who lost his life in hospital less than 48 hours ago, decided to express her pain on social media, where she told a heartbreaking story. Her son was beaten to death by the mother. In the story, he assured that he feels guilty for not having been able to do something to prevent the story from ending like this.

With less than 48 hours of having lost Lucio, Christian uploaded a story to social networks, where he assured that his soul is shattered, in addition to having realized many things that his son suffered, but he had him imprisoned in his childhood and innocence.

“Just a few hours after your burial in that place that always gave me such chills so that your little body may rest in peace, with tears in her eyes without strength and without being able to have squeezed one eye, looking down the hall to see if I saw you, leaving my hand extended to see if you touched me, looking for explanations, thinking if all this is true, torturing me with your image in that little drawer, and asking God for answers, he expressed at the beginning of his farewell.

Later he began to look for answers on how he could prevent that from happening, since he remembered that his son before answering one of his father’s questions looked to the sides to see if someone was listening and when I asked him if he was happy and he was silent.

“My son, you leave me with a broken soul looking for ‘the why’ of so many things and I now realize what you were suffering and I without knowing it and now it is too late, they had you prisoner of your childhood and innocence,” said the man . “Now I understand when we made video calls and I asked you something and what you did was look to the sides to see if someone was listening to you, That’s why you were slow to answer me when I asked you if you were happy. They had you in silence. You were scared and I didn’t realize it, ”he continued.


Lucio’s death occurred on Friday at the apartment at 2385 Allan Kardec Street in Santa Rosa. The women who allegedly beat the boy were the ones who took him to a police station and were later to blame for the boy’s death.

According to the investigation, the 5-year-old boy would have lost his life due to brutal beatings and assaults of all kinds. The main accused would be Lucio’s mother, Magdalena Espósito Valiente (24 years old) and her girlfriend Abigail Páez (27 years old). They are both already in custody.

In the news of the local press it was said that the little boy had arrived with seizures and fainted, so the station personnel tried to revive him with CPR and then take him to the Evita hospital, but it was impossible to prevent him from losing his life due to the trauma . The autopsy confirmed that the baby died of internal bleeding caused by the assaults and bruises.

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