Firefox 91 is here, now with HTTPS-First and new ESR version

Users who already have Firefox installed on their computer will automatically receive the new version thanks to background updates enabled recently. In addition, we can always search for new versions by hand from the “About” section of the browser. Finally, if we have not downloaded the browser yet, we can download it for free from this link. And, if it is not available, we have it on your own FTP.

Next we are going to see all the changes of this new Firefox 91, both from the ESR version and from the normal branch.

Firefox 91: a new ESR in sight

Firefox 91 is the new version of Mozilla’s browser, which comes to replace version 90. But not only that, but this new version also brings a new Firefox ESR update, the extended support version of the browser. With it, Firefox 78 ESR (launched in July 2020) already aims to receive its last two updates (78.14 and 78.15) and, after them, it will no longer have support in October of this year.

We remember that, during the life of an ESR version, the browser does not receive changes or news, but its updates, which usually come out more or less at the same time as the new versions of the normal browser, focus on correcting errors and vulnerabilities. A version of the browser for those who seek stability before innovation, especially thinking about companies.

Some of the changes that we receive in this new ESR are:

  • End of support for FTP.
  • It has the new interface already introduced in Firefox 89.
  • Supports new automatic background updates.
  • Support for SmartBlock.
  • New privacy feature called “Total Cookie Protection”.
  • Removal of Flash support for good.
  • New printing interface.
  • Improved network partitioning.
  • Support for JavaScript in PDF documents.

The ESR version of Firefox can be downloaded for free from the link below. From now on we have two months to think about updating from version 78 ESR to this new version 91, or we will run out of support.

What’s new in the normal branch of Firefox 91

Leaving aside the extended support version of Firefox, the new version 91 of this browser has also arrived full of changes, improvements and novelties of all kinds, novelties that, from now on, are already available to all users.

The first of the novelties that we are going to see is the new HTTPS mode only. Thanks to it, users can configure the browser to always prioritize HTTPS connections and show alerts when they are not available.

Another of the most significant novelties of this new version of the browser is the new print panel. With the arrival of Firefox 81, Mozilla changed the print menu of its browser, but now this menu has been removed to offer a much more minimalist and optimized appearance again.

Other changes interesting that we find in this new version of the browser are:

  • Support for signing in with Microsoft work and school accounts.
  • Improvements in the operation of Total Cookie Protection to better protect privacy.
  • New behavior of the download manager. Now these are saved on the PC even if we select the “open” option.
  • Improvements in the function to switch tabs in private browsing.

Will it be enough to gain the trust of users and gain a bit of market share? We will see soon.

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