Foxconn: a ransomware paralyzed the Mexican factory of the smartphone manufacturer

One of the main Mexican factories of Foxconn, a famous manufacturer of electronic components, has been crippled by ransomware. Operators of Lockbit 2.0 ransomware claimed responsibility for the cyberattack.

foxconn ransomware
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For several years now, ransomware has become one of the favorite weapons of hacker groups. In 2021, ransomware cyberattacks exploded, with an increase of around 32% in France alone. The French Ministry of Justice has also been the victim of ransomware.

We also remember several large-scale attacks, like the ransomware that paralyzed one of the main American oil pipelines. Faced with the situation, the American government had even declared a state of emergency. President Biden subsequently declared war on the ransomware operators, now viewing them as terrorists.

Foxconn factory crippled by ransomware

However, we have just learned that one of Foxconn’s main Mexican factoriesa famous manufacturer of electronic components, was targeted by ransomware at the end of May 2022. Specifically, it is a production site located in Tijuana, a critical supply hub for the United States.

Operators of Lockbit 2.0 ransomware claimed responsibility for the attack. After blocking all of the factory’s systems, the hackers gave Foxconn 15 days to comply with their demands or they will disclose “all data available” stolen from the company’s servers. Note that the requirements of the hackers have not been disclosed.

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A risk for the data of customers like Apple

With its position as a privileged partner of big names in Tech like Apple, Foxconn could hold valuable and sensitive data on the products of these manufacturers. What worries Foxconn much more than the theft of its own information.

According to statements from Foxconn relayed by our colleagues from Bleeding Computera cybersecurity team executed a recovery plan after the attack, and operations “are gradually returning to normal. The company assures that the cyberattacks “had little impact on the overall functioning of the group”.

Nevertheless, it should be noted that Foxconn did not specify how the attack ended. In other words, if a ransom was paid, if the operators managed to seize certain data or if Foxconn somehow managed to thwart the effects of Lockbit.

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