GAMELabsNET: laboratory for SMEs to experiment with visual and immersive technologies

The Spanish Logistics Center (CEL) and CONETIC (Spanish Confederation of Information Technology, Communication and Electronics Companies) inaugurated, a few days ago in Madrid, the first GAMELabsNET laboratory in Spain, an innovation center In the first year, it will serve more than 700 companies to experiment with the most innovative technologies and to improve decision-making when promoting the digital transformation of the business and social fabric of our country.

The opening ceremony, which was attended by the mayor of Coslada, Angel Viveros; the General Director of Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence of the Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence, Salvador Estevan and the Deputy Director of Digital Economy of, Jose Ignacio Sanchez marks the launch of the GAMELabsNET European Laboratory Network in Spain. Thanks to these innovation centers, companies will be able to experiment and apply visual, immersive, simulation and gamification intelligence technologies for the development of products and services, such as virtualization and monitoring of an industrial plant; the creation of digital twins that analyze data; or the realization of simulation applications of different scenarios.

In the words of Ana Isabel González Herrera, president of CEL, “The main purpose of this project is to stimulate the innovation ecosystem around these technologies and bring the supplier companies closer to potential users”. In this way, it contributes to the digitization of the industry and the business fabric, making it possible for small companies to respond to the challenges of large ones.

For Tomás Castro Alonso, president of CONETIC (Spanish Confederation of Information, Communication and Electronic Technology Companies), the laboratory was created with a double objective: “On the one hand, to bring technological solutions closer to companies and facilitate their knowledge from their experimentation, a more effective step to help them in the digital transformation processes; and, on the other hand, to promote R + D + i among the companies that develop these solutions, give them the possibility of discovering complementarities between them and that reinforce cooperation to tackle the most ambitious commercial challenges, something normally reserved for the largest companies ”.

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The role of CONETIC and CEL means that both organizations they will energize the initiative, making the network available to companies so that they can collaborate on common projects. In addition, they will offer training services, individual advice and pilots and will organize events and sectoral conferences, among other activities.

The network of six laboratories responds to the needs of different interoperable sectors that are located, in addition to Spain (Madrid and Bilbao), in Portugal and France. The Madrid laboratory will contribute to the objective of developing new technologies to contribute to the digitization of industry and the business fabric.

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