Get the NordVPN VPN now with a 72% discount, € 2.8 per month!

The Black friday of this year 2021 is already here, and as such we cannot but expect excellent offers both in products and services related to technology and consumer electronics. NordVPN is one of the most reputable VPN service providers on the market, and now they have activated a new offer during Black Friday where you can save up to 72% of the price if you contract a two-year plan, with which you will pay just 2.80 Euros per month, are you going to miss it?

We are at that time of year when the main manufacturers and suppliers launch unbeatable campaigns for Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday. This year, NordVPN throws the house out of the window and offers its cheapest 2-year plan since 2017, so definitely if you were looking for a good VPN provider, now you have a chance that you should not miss.

Why do you want to have a VPN on your PC?

The main functionality of a VPN is that, as users, we connect to a remote server and surf the Internet as if we were physically in another country, something that serves, among other things, to evade country-specific blocks of certain web pages. However, for an ordinary user it can have other tremendously useful connotations, such as for the most gamers who always want to have the lowest possible latency: imagine that you are playing an online game whose servers are located in the Netherlands; Thanks to the VPN, you could connect to a server in the Netherlands and play your favorite online game as if you were in the same country as their servers, so you latency (ping) will be greatly reduced.

In the case of the NordVPN VPN, we have other advantages such as browsing with total security: the main benefit of using this service is that you have the guarantee that your data is always safe behind a wall of state-of-the-art encryption. Additionally, NordVPN has a policy of total absence of records, so not even they will save your data or you will be subjected to any type of tracking.

In the same way, and thanks to the fact that they use different VPN protocols, we are facing a service that has cross-platform compatibility, which means it works interchangeably on Windows, MacOS, Linux, and even Android and iOS. Furthermore, NordVPN can objectively boast of having the fastest VPN of all, offering up to 6,730 Mbps of bandwidth (the real speed reaches 500 Mbps without problems), and all this in nothing less than 5,100 servers all over the world.

The NordVPN VPN, for € 2.80 per month for 2 years

NordVPN Promo

As we anticipated at the beginning, during this Black Friday NordVPN is throwing the house out the window, offering the best price on its VPN since 2017. In reality, the campaign kicked off on October 27, but beware consider how will only last until December 1, so now or never you should take advantage of this promotion.

The promotion consists of offering all users who want a 72% off compared to the usual price, but yes, only in the 2-year plan. The bottom line is that you will have the NordVPN VPN for two years for just 2.80 Euros per month (plus VAT), which means that in total you will pay only € 67.15 plus VAT for two full years of service.

Keep in mind that, initially, the campaign will end on November 29, but just that same day the campaign will begin for Cyber ​​Monday until December 1 and, in short, you can get the same discount. As of December 1, the campaign will end, and the price will rise to € 3.15 per month (which is also a 68% discount).

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