GIGABYTE Expands Its Power Supply Catalog With New UD Series

The Taiwanese company has expanded its catalog of power supplies with the GIGABYTE UD GM series, a line that is composed, for the moment, of three models differentiated by power that maintain, however, a common base that revolves around the “Ultra Durable” design. Such design is synonymous with quality, and reliability, as many of our readers will know.

According to GIGABYTE, to fulfill the most important keys of “Ultra Durable” design, the new UD GM series power supplies incorporate japanese solid capacitors high-quality, use an improved thermal solution and a 120mm smart fan with hydraulic bearing to ensure good cooling, and have an advanced circuit protection system, which includes six different solutions:

  • Protection against voltage surges.
  • Protection against electrical current peaks.
  • Protection against voltage drops.
  • Protection against excessive temperature rises.
  • Protection against overloads.
  • Short circuit protection.

The three models also have 80 Plus Gold certification, a standard that is typical of medium-high-end and high-end sources that implies a high degree of efficiency, and they have a totally modular design, which means that we can only connect the wiring that we are going to need to power that configuration that we had in mind. This is important because it makes cable management easier.


GIGABYTE UD GM Series: 750 watts, 850 watts and 1,000 watts of power

As we anticipated, the GIGABYTE UD GM series is made up of three different models that we have ordered from low to high power. They all start from that common base to which we have referenced, and have a unique 12V + rail design. Obviously, due to the differences they present in terms of power and amperage, they are directed to different user profiles, and it is that we do not all need the same power source.

The GIGABYTE UD750GM is rated at 750 watts and an amperage of 61 watts on the + 12V rail, which means that it is a power supply capable of meeting the needs of any mid-range user profile, and most high-end profiles. However, if we are going to mount a PC with a graphics card such as the RTX 3080 Ti or the Radeon RX 6900 XT, and we are going to accompany it with a very powerful processor and other components that will add a notable energy demand, it would be advisable to go to for a superior model.

In the case of the GIGABYTE UD850GM, we have a power of 850 watts and 70.8 amps on the + 12V rail. We find ourselves with a considerable jump, and this means that with this source we can power practically any high-end configuration without problems. However, in some specific cases, it will be advisable to opt for the GIGABYTE UD1000GM, a high-end power supply that offers 1,000 watts of power and it reaches 83.3 amps on the + 12V rail.

The GIGABYTE UD750GM and GIGABYTE UD850GM have five year warrantywhile the GIGABYTE UD1000GM comes with 10 year warranty.

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