Google Takeout will improve data export

Google Takeout It is not a tool for daily use, but despite this, it is actually one of the most important in the Google ecosystem., since it is the main means, and in many cases the only one that the search engine company offers us to be able to download all the data, files and others that we have in its various services. Thus, if you are a regular user of its services and you still do not know Takeout, do not hesitate to visit it, because you will find more information than you can possibly imagine.

Google Takeout offers the possibility of scheduling periodic exports, although we can also carry them out in a timely manner. This, of course, has therefore become a recurring element when one of the company’s services is closed and we do not want to lose its data. We have the most recent example in the Album Archive, although without leaving this same year it was also most useful with the closure of Stadia.

Throughout its more than 10-year history, Google Takeout has evolved both to accommodate the company’s new services (and also those not initially available, such as Gmail), how to add new functionss that have been making this tool more useful. Thus, as I say, despite not being among the best known of the company, it is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and useful tools.

Google Takeout will improve data export

Well, as we can read in 9to5Google, a new function will soon be added that will make its usefulness grow exponentially, since Google Takeout will improve the export of data to third-party serviceswith several improvements that will go live during the first quarter of 2024. With them, users will avoid the tedium of having to download content from Google to their PC and then upload it to the service of their choice.

Interoperability between services is, in many cases, a chimera been haunted by users practically since the early days of the Internet, but for various reasons, ranging from technical to preserving user assets to keep them tied to them, in most cases it has not become a reality. Thus, the fact that Google is going to make substantial progress in this regard is, without a doubt, excellent news and, furthermore, we hope that it is also a reference for other companies that provide similar services to make progress in this regard as well.

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