Have you practiced ‘rage applying’ in your professional life?

According to what they tell us from Walters People, there is currently a new trend that is marking the pace of the labor market, especially among the younger professional profiles. known as ‘rage applying’, This trend affirms that more and more professionals present their candidacy to more than one selection process in different companies after a negative experience at work, such as a disagreement with their manager or due to an excessive workload.

The ‘rage applying’ is a new labor trend that has been released on TikTok, and it is something that is also registered in Spain, especially among Millennial and Centennial professionals. Unlike previous generations, the youngest seek to work in a company they believe in, aligned with their values ​​and that allows them to develop their professional careers”declares Alexandra Arranz, Director at Walters People.

Pay hikes remain the main disagreement

According to the survey of more than 1,000 professionals carried out by Walters People, a recruitment and temporary work company specializing in junior, technical, management and qualified support profiles, 64% of professionals in Spain recognize have sent your CV in bulk after having suffered a bad experience at work, and only 18% state that they have never done so and do not believe they will do so in the future.

Of those who have submitted their candidacy for a new job, 15% state that they did so due to an excessive workload, 16% due to a disagreement with their manager, 17% due to lack of conciliation and 53% declares that it is due to the promise of a salary increase that has never come to pass.

Of the latter, the aforementioned survey shows that the main reasons why his company has not granted him a salary increase is due to business policy (55%), budgetary problems (28%) and because his current salary is already competitive. against the market (8%).

Today more than ever the salary is the center of the negotiations. While it is true that companies are aware of the importance of the salary component when it comes to retaining the best talent, they must also focus on labor well-being through other benefits and an attractive corporate culture that awakens a feeling of belonging”, argues Arranz.


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