How many users can be on Skype calls at the same time

This application is characterized by the amount of tasks that we can carry out through its platform. Along with the possibility of making calls or video calls both individually and in groups, you also have chats where you can communicate by text, share files and contacts with the rest of the members. It is even possible to share the screen with the rest of the users or carry out private conversations

When making calls or video calls, we may always make them with the same person or the same group of contacts. However, we may have wondered how many users can participate in the same call or video call at the same time.

Voice calls with up to 100 participants

One of the functions of Skype is the possibility of making audio calls with other users in order to communicate for free over the Internet. Whether we want to have a meeting with friends, with family or work, the platform allows up to 100 people in the same audio call, counting on ourselves. This feature is available to both home users and those using Skype in business or education.

It is possible to make a call for as long as we need, since it allows up to 24 hours, for those more marathon and extensive sessions that we need to share and as often as we need. Even if we are users without a Skype account, we can invite up to 99 people to the same call. We simply have to create a link and share it with other people who want to join the call. Even if we do not have the application installed, we can also use this tool from our preferred browser.

Video calls on Skype with up to 50 users

Without a doubt, the star function of Skype is the possibility of making video calls with other users, so that we not only hear them, but we can also see them. And it is that video can be considered essential when it comes to maintaining our connections and ties with other people who are far away. In the same way, it is important when it comes to exposing papers and lectures at a distance.

Skype Windows

In this case, the platform allows create video calls with up to 50 users, us and 49 other people, allowing you to collaborate at the same time and with ease. This function has the possibility of sharing the screen in a group so that the video call can be more efficient, even being able to make video recordings. In addition, this is something that we can do directly from our Windows or macOS computer, as well as tablets and mobile phones.

This number of users who can participate in a video call can be increased to 250, connected in the same room as long as we use “Skype for Business”, its edition focused on companies.

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