How to know if you can have better speed on Wi-Fi

Check if the Wi-Fi can be better

Does your Wi-Fi work at speed bump what does it support? Can you make it go faster? The truth is that we all want to browse and that speed is not a problem, that everything works smoothly and our computers can connect to the wireless network without limitations appearing.

Use another device

The first thing you can do is try another device. If, for example, you connect to your mobile via Wi-Fi and you see that the speed is not what you think it should be, you can check it by using another device, such as a computer. The idea is to connect it in the same place and do a speed test.

If you see that the speed is higher, your mobile may not have more capacity or there is a problem. For example, it could happen that you are connected to the wrong band, that you have an outdated mobile or even some malware that is limiting the connection and causing problems.

change band

Another interesting test you can do is to change the band. Current devices can connect to both the band of the 2.4GHz like that of the 5GHz. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages, but we could have notable differences in terms of Internet speed when using one or the other.

If, for example, you connect to the 2.4 GHz, try connecting to the 5 GHz and see if this improves the speed, since it is the one that allows greater performance, although it is more sensitive to distance. The same in the opposite case: try to connect to the 2.4 GHz band if you are connected to the 5 GHz band and you notice that the connection is not working well.

Differences between 2.4 and 5 GHz

Use another network card

Do you have another network card available? Try to use it. If, for example, you connect to the Wi-Fi Internet with the internal card, try using a external by USB. Perhaps the performance will improve by having a more powerful antenna and you can see that your Wi-Fi can actually work at a higher speed.

In addition, you will always have the option to change the antenna of the network card in many cases. You can connect a larger one, which has more range and can achieve a significant improvement in Internet coverage and speed.

connect a repeater

Another issue to keep in mind is to use some signal enhancement device and be able to see if this way your Wi-Fi works faster. For example, you can install a repeater, but also a Mesh system or PLC devices. In all these cases you can improve the coverage and the signal reaches further.

However, the placement and configuration of these devices will be essential to really improve connectivity and you can make the most of the available resources to improve the coverage of the Wi-Fi router as much as possible.

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