How to mark as “unread” a conversation on WhatsApp? We explain the step by step

WhatsApp It is one of the most used instant messaging applications in Mexico and around the world, so knowing how to use it will provide you with tools to succeed in many areas, be it personal, school or work. Therefore, today we will teach you how to mark as “unread” a message that you opened accidentally or when you are busy and cannot reply at the moment so as not to forget it later.

It is very common that when you are in many groups or talk with many people, they ignore certain chats without the intention of doing so; You came to open the conversation, but you had to leave to answer another chat that more urgently needs your attention and then you already forgot the first one. Well with this simple trick It will not happen to you again.

How to mark as unread a chat on your WhatsApp?

Doing so is very simple as much as in iOS, Android, web version of the application or the Huawei operating system, you just have to follow the steps that we will tell you below.

How to do it on iOS?

  • Press the conversation that interests you
  • After holding it for a few moments you will have a preview of the conversation and other options
  • Select the option to mark as unread and you’re done

For Android and Huawei

  • Press and hold the conversation and a list of options will be displayed
  • Select “more options”, which you will find in the three vertical points
  • More options will be displayed: “create shortcut”, “view contact”, “select all” and “Mark as Unread”
  • To finish, you just have to select the last one and that conversation will appear with a green circle that marks it as unread so that you remember to open it later

How is it done in the web version?

  • Right click on the conversation
  • Mark as unread and you’re done.

If you have already opened the message to the other person, it will appear that it has already been read, that is in case you do not have the “blue popcorn” disabled. That means that the option to mark as unread is just for you, as a reminder that you want or should open the chat later.


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