How to remove noise from your breath and fans in the microphone

There are several ways to reduce the noise that “sneaks” into the microphone, both by “hardware” in the sense of adding accessories or placing the microphone in a certain position, and by software, adding an intermediate application that helps you filter the noise. noise. Let’s see, in any case, what we can do about it.

1. Windscreen

The first way is very simple and consists of simply use a wind filter on our microphones, also called deadcat (because of its resemblance to a dead cat). There are many filters and you should not confuse the function of each one. This one differs very well from the rest because it is full of hair, it is the one you normally see on television, especially in interviews on the street. Now I leave you an example of a good model that you can buy on Amazon and I’m sure you know which ones I mean.

They are fairly inexpensive and fit most microphones. You will only have to buy it, attach it to it and that’s it. Most sounds that don’t come from your mouth won’t be heard by other people.

Likewise, there are also other filters, foam, they are somewhat less effective, but also more beautiful. Of course, in this case it is important that you buy one that is compatible with your microphone, since if it is not well adapted, you will not be achieving the desired objective.

2. Microphone placement

Although it may seem silly, many people have this problem precisely because they don’t know how to position their microphone correctly. They think that the closer they are to him, the better you will listen to them, and it is precisely the opposite. You must leave a distance of at least 10 centimeters if we use a table one, and 3-4 if we have one integrated into headphones.

microphone position

Think that AirPods are worn in your ears, and yet they hear you perfectly and also without hearing your breath, so do the same and separate it from your moutheveryone will thank you.

Likewise, if you don’t put your microphone directly in the straight position to your mouth, you will avoid that when speaking, the wind reaches it, producing sound, therefore, if you have a choice, make sure that it is not in the direct path of your breathing, tilt it a little and you will avoid part of the problem without the need for anything else.

3. Use Voicemeeter

Finally, without having to spend money on filters or use other methods, you have a totally free one that works very efficiently. This is the Voicemeeter program. With him only touching a parameter that we will leave you below in an image, you will get a reduction of ambient noise, including your breath and general wind sounds. A great way to avoid all of this in just a few minutes.


You will not need to go up more than one or two points. It will depend on your microphone and the noise you produce, but playing a little will be more than enough. Do some testing and adjust it as best you think. You will notice a great improvement from the first moment.

These would be the 3 most common and effective ways to reduce that annoying breath and wind noise which normally occurs in our room. They are simple and cheap and you will get a great improvement, I assure you. Everyone you talk to will thank you.

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