A chopped campaign for Diablo IV, does Blizzard change the rules?

Last March we had the only two dates available for the beta access test to Diablo IV and, these days, we continue to live with the monkey of having tried it and having to wait until June 6. So any news that comes about the Blizzard title is a small torture that reminds us of how much desire we have to get your hands on it.

A piece of history, or not?

It is not strange to see –for many years now– how companies decide to expand the story of the campaign of their games with what at the time came to be known as expansions. Those DLC? they added more missions, story arcs, characters and plots that allowed the franchise to continue exploiting and making it more durable. And when it comes to installing them on the market for years, no one better than Blizzard.

The Irvines are masters at taking a game and making it last. The first Devil not so much but Diablo II remained active for almost 12 years and Diablo III It hasn’t reached that figure but it has stayed close, with 11. So if you want something to last fresh and interesting for the players, or you put in a powerful multiplayer with rewards and seasons, or you add new dramas to the story, in this case , which occurred in Sanctuary.

And Blizzard is going to opt, in addition to that system of seasonsbecause the story of Diablo IV have practically no end since an essential axis and very imbricated in the online itself. And it is that thanks to this open world structure, infinite possibilities open up to continue discovering new events.

Updates every…

It has been Joseph Piepiora, Director of Diablo IVthe one who has given voice to this decision that they have made from Blizzard and that will allow the game to receive campaign updates –or story mode– every three months. As if that were not enough, he has also confessed that it will be “substantial updates” that will bring “new arguments linked to new mechanics and features.”

In this way it will be much more exciting to do what we have always done with the Devil so that they last us so long: play them and replay them with different characters and classes to experience each of the characteristics that Blizzard print on them. Because let’s not forget that much of the fun of these new content will not only be in knowing the story, but in getting hold of very special items of those that those from Irvine always like to hide behind the most fearsome enemies.

remember if not all of the company’s games that have based on those tiers complete a good part of the objectives of many players once they had already completed everything. Showing off those armors, weapons or cosmetics never hurts and in that, the Americans are true masters. So facing Diablo IV, we can expect the same and much more. Specifically, plot updates every 90 days with extras that are always appetizing.

Do you think it is a sufficient period of time or would you have wanted updates every less time?

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