How to set a dynamic and random wallpaper on the iPhone

iOS 16 has given a new touch to our iPhone every time we unlock it due to its customization capacity and the possibility of adding Widgets, because, before, it was practically impossible to carry out a minimum customization on your device, causing all iPhones to be equal. On the other hand, in this latest version, Apple allows us to greatly customize the entire lock screen of our iPhone and in this post, We are going to see how you can create a dynamic and random wallpaper on our iPhone.

Set a background for iPhone

To configure a dynamic and random background, the first thing you have to be clear about are the photos that you will have in your background, as well as having the device updated to the latest version of the operating system. Once you have chosen the photos, there is two forms to get a dynamic and random background on the iPhone. Firstly, we have the native Apple Photos application and secondly, through a third-party application.

Through the photo app

To establish a dynamic or random background on iPhoneyou have to carry out the following steps that we are going to see below and that are very intuitive to carry out:

  1. From iPhone Settings, tap on wallpaper. You can access it through the search bar or through settings.
  2. Then, select this option and then choose the “Dynamic” option. This will set a wallpaper that automatically changes every time you unlock your iPhone. The selection of these photos can be done automatically through the iPhone or manually, selecting the photos that the user wants to appear.


Through a third-party application

It is true that with iOS 16, There aren’t many lock screen customization options, so if you want to get the most out of this option, you can go to third party applications that is in the App Store and that are free.

With a quick search, you can find many apps with a good rating in the App Store like “Vellum Wallpapers” or “Wallpapers & Themes”, where many of them come with a variety of images by default and in others you can select the images via the photo app.

Specifically, we are going to carry out the procedure with Vellum Wallpapers, one of the best applications from which you can select hundreds of randomly selected images so that you can change your wallpaper every day without having to worry about it. Also includes options advanced as the image editing that you are going to put as background or determine how often you want the wallpaper to be changed in a personalized way.

Finally, it is important to highlight that having a dynamic and random wallpaper on your iPhone can consume more battery and Mobile data, since every time you unlock the screen or every day you have to appear a new background, it is a background management that is consuming your battery. Next, we are going to attach the three applications mentioned above:

vellum wallpapers
vellum wallpapers

Wallpapers for M
Wallpapers for M

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