How to speed up your Bing invite with ChatGPT

It’s been a little over a week since Microsoft introduced Bing and Microsoft Edge with Prometheus, the technological development based on OpenAI’s work with ChatGPT and GPT 3. that brings artificial intelligence to the search engine and browser of those in Redmond. We have known for some time that they were working on it, although it must be recognized that for such an important evolutionary leap, it seems that they have known how to move at great speed, causing a considerable reaction in the rest of the technological sector.

At the moment we are still waiting for news regarding the new Microsoft Edge with the artificial intelligence functions of Prometheus, even more so since last Sunday Opera decided to reply, announcing that the side bar of your browser will also feature an AI-based assistant. And it is not to put pressure on the market leader, but more and more of us are wondering what Google is waiting for to carry out a similar movement with Google Chrome.

The situation is different with the new Bing with AI. From the very day it was presented, Microsoft opened a waiting list for all users who were interested to start testing the new version of your browser. We could imagine, although during the first days the company did not provide data in this regard, that the volume of registrations has been (and de facto should continue to be) tremendously high, since the approach is, in truth, very interesting.

It wasn’t even a week after the launch when the first users started receiving invitations to try it out, and just 24 hours after that we were finally able to try it ourselves and share with you the experience of that first contact. In the absence of further exploration, the first feeling is quite positive and, although some cases of failures or strange behavior by the chatbotthe future posed by this information search model is most promising.

We were waiting, yes, for Microsoft to give some information in this regard, such as the volume of registrations, countries to which the beta has reached, how important it is to meet the optional requirements, and so on. Questions that have been answered a tweet from Yusuf Mehdi, director of consumer marketing at Microsoft, and who by the way has used the new function of long messages on the social network. This is, translated, what we can read in the message:

«Hello everyone! There have been some questions about our waiting list to try the new Bing, so here’s a reminder about the process:

We are currently in a limited preview so we can test, learn and improve. Little by little we are climbing with people from the waiting list [es decir, concediéndoles acceso a la beta].

If you’re on the waiting list, wait. As we said at launch, we plan to scale to millions of people starting in the next few weeks. We’ve only been a week.

We are giving priority to those who have Bing and Edge as their default search engine and browser, as well as the Bing Mobile app installed, to optimize the initial experience. Over time we plan to bring it to all browsers.

Demand is high, with several million people on the waiting list. So we ask for a little patience if you have just signed up for the waiting list.

We are testing with users from 169 countries and we’re seeing a lot of interest in new features like chat. We are waiting for you to try it.»

It seems, therefore, that those who join the waiting list now will have to wait longer than those who did it in the first place, although it seems that Microsoft’s plans go through rapid escalation, so the wait may be longer. It’s weeks, not months. Thus, if you want to try the new Bing, be sure to sign up, it may take less than you think to receive the invitation.

Regarding the optional requirements to access faster, in my case I have to say that I did install the Bing app for iOS and that I use Bing and Edge on a regular basis, almost daily, but they are not my default option, which which invites me to think that in Redmond they have decided to cGive special importance to the installation (and use, of course) of the app for Android and iOS, so my recommendation is that you install it and, while you’re at it, take the opportunity to try it. Of course, keep in mind that even when you have obtained access to the new Bing, at least for now the smartphone app does not yet offer access to the chatbot.

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