HP introduces new mini PCs with Intel Raptor Lake CPUs

The firm HP has presented new professional mini PCs Powered by Intel Raptor Lake processors, the HP Pro Mini 400 G9, Elite Mini 600 G9, Elite Mini 800 G9, and Chromebox Enterprise G4. All of them have a very compact size, which allows them to fit without problems in almost any workspace, and they have a fairly powerful configuration, especially in the case of the Elite Mini 800 G9, since it can mount CPUs of up to 65 watts.

HP has not introduced changes at the design level in these computers, so the most important developments come at the hardware level. Each of these models offers a different set of connectors and has different expansion capabilities, and we must be clear that the Elite Mini 600 G9 and Elite Mini 800 G9 are the most complete in this regard, since they have two M.2 slots and have room for a 2.5-inch drive, while the HP Pro Mini 400 G9 has an M.2 slot and room for a 2.5-inch drive.

The HP Pro Mini 400 G9, Elite Mini 600 G9, and Elite Mini 800 G9 can be configured with up to 64 GB of dual-channel DDR5 memory. The first two support Intel Core Gen13 processors with a TDP of up to 35 watts, while the third can mount much more powerful chips with a TDP of up to 65 watts. The difference is notable, and means that those most demanding professionals who need to have a higher level of performance should opt for this latest model.

For example, that Elite Mini 800 G9 should be able to mount a Intel Core i5-13600, a chip that has six high-performance cores, 8 high-efficiency cores, and can handle up to 20 threads. Its base TDP is 65 watts, although turbo mode can scale up to a maximum of 154 watts.

We do not have details about the sale prices in Spain, but we do know that they will begin to be sold first in the United States, and that in that market they will be priced at $759 for the Pro Mini 400 G9 model, $989 for the Elite Mini 600 G9 and $1,029 for the Elite Mini 800 G9.

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