Huawei to launch a new web browser for its smartphones in 2024

Huawei has reportedly launched the development of a new web browser for its smartphones. According to a leak, this new version would embed more technology developed by Chinese companies. The deployment of this new Huawei Browser is scheduled for the course of 2024.

Huawei browser

For several years, Huawei has installed by default its own web browser on his smartphones. Soberly called “Huawei Browser”, the browser allows you to consult websites, pin your favorite sites in shortcuts and read current affairs. The application is part of the HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) suite. Thanks to HarmonyOS, Huawei Browser is also making its debut on Huawei MateBook PCs.

According to information relayed by our colleagues from Huawei Central, the Chinese group is currently developing a new version of its web browser. According to DigitalJun, a well-known, popular and active informant on Sina Weibo, the Chinese social network, this new version should see the light of day in the course of the year 2024. The leaker claims to have his information from an executive currently working at Huawei.

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Huawei wants a new web browser for its devices

Citing the information provided by the executive, the informant assures that Huawei regrets that many elements of its web browser belong to American Technologies, a company based in the Philippines. Among the elements pointed out, we find ID core, Webkit core, Gecko core, or Presto core. These technologies are essential for the functioning of the web browser.

Apparently, Huawei regrets not exploiting more technologies developed by Chinese firms within its Browser. “Huawei’s home country is far behind in concept”, explains Huawei Central. To overcome this lack of Chinese solutions, the technology giant is said to have launched the development of a new web browser.

It is assumed that this decision also depends on the American sanctions decreed in 2019. Forbidden to trade with companies based in the United States and to exploit technologies developed on American soil, Huawei was forced to review some of its solutions. In particular, the manufacturer began to abandon Android in favor of HarmonyOS, its own operating system.

Source: Huawei Central

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