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Bitdefender has prepared a webinar where it will explain its entire value proposition for partners in the world of cybersecurity. will be the Friday, March 31 at 10:30 a.m.. It must not be forgotten that this is one of the great themes of this year, since all companies are promoting their security, in the face of the continuous wave of threats. All of them need to have trusted strategic allies: partners. At this point, a unique business opportunity is presented where being next to reference technologies is essential.

And it is that partners have the value of being close to customers, but they also need to be close to manufacturers that allow them to provide the best protection service while increasing their business and profits. A terrain where Bitdefender has a lot to tell.

Those responsible for Bitdefender will give all the details of the solution GravityZone, a modular technology that adapts to the needs of any organization and allows you to have all threats under control.

More specifically, in this session the experts from the recognized leading manufacturer in the cybersecurity sector will talk about:

  • GravityZone Solution Architecture
  • Advanced protection tools
  • Integration with XDR sensors
  • Console Live Demo

The session in Spanish is open to all types of partners, from distributors, integrators, service providers or new companies that provide cybersecurity. It is only necessary to be interested in delving into the company’s channel strategy.

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