If you have used Telegram, be careful with this; avoid being scammed

Although WhatsApp is the most used instant messaging application in Spain, there are others such as Telegram which also have many users. They are safe programs that allow you to stay in touch with friends and family, but they are often a target for hackers. They could launch campaigns to steal information, passwords or sneak fake applications to control the device. The latter is what has happened with Telegram, with some fake programs.

The main problem is that these applications have crept into Google Play. This means that it is easier for a potential victim to end up installing it. Finding any software on a third-party site is not the same as doing so from an official source where, supposedly, everything is safe.

Fake Telegram apps

What hackers are looking for is for us to fall into the trap of installing a Telegram program, which pretends to be the original, which is actually false. They use it to spy on and collect personal information of all kinds on Android users. A serious problem, since it seriously affects privacy.

This is a discovery that Kaspersky has made. They claim that these applications can steal personal names, identifications of all kinds, contacts, phone numbers or even messages that are sent to a server controlled by the attackers.

Currently, and once Google has been informed, They have removed these applications from Google Play. They are no longer available for download. But of course, until that moment they had been downloaded millions of times and that is the problem. Have you used Telegram recently and have you used any program other than the official one? In that case, we recommend that you check your device very carefully and check if they have been able to steal passwords, personal data or affect your Telegram account.

Keep in mind that these fake versions are practically the same as the original. In fact, when it comes to how it works, it is so similar that it is difficult to know, at least for general users, that it is a scam. It is always advisable to take preventive measures to avoid falling into these traps.

How to avoid problems

Our first advice is that you always install applications, whether Telegram or any other, from official sources. This includes Google Play, although we have seen that fake software could even sneak in here as well. In this case, the advice is to check very carefully which app you are installing. You can read comments and ratings, search for information on the Internet and make sure that it is the original app and not a clone.

We also recommend always having a security program. Having a good antivirus is important to achieve good security. This will help you detect the entry of fake software or malware that can steal personal information or put your data at risk.

Another essential tip is to have All updated. It is essential to correct any vulnerabilities that may exist. Sometimes bugs arise that can be used to sneak in malicious software, such as a Telegram app, and start stealing data. Always make sure you have the latest versions installed.

As you can see, they have used Telegram to sneak fake applications into Google Play. If you have installed any of them, they may have stolen personal information and data from your device. You can always follow the advice we have given to prevent it from happening. Just as you can tell if an SMS is a fraud, you can detect fake apps.

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