If you liked The Squid Game, try these other series

If you have finished seeing The Squid Game, Netflix’s latest smash hit, you might want to keep watching something similar or completely different. In the case of wanting to continue with this type of proposal where there is a lot of blood, among other things, here you have the best alternatives to The Squid Game.

Alternatives to The Squid Game

The Squid Game It has been one of Netflix’s great recent successes. And that has been demonstrated with the audience data and even by the impact it has had even in the schoolyards, where children replicate the games seen in it. Of course, we are entering dangerous terrain here, because it is not a series for children. So be careful if your child wants to see it.

Of course, since we do not want to enter into that debate here, which we believe is more than clear, what we are going to do is recommend some series similar to The Squid Game that we are sure you will like them. Although there are also movies that are great alternatives to Squid Games.

Re: Mind

Imagine that you sleep and when you wake up you are sitting in a large dining room from which you cannot leave with ten other people. Well, this is what happens to the eleven protagonists of Re: Mind, a Japanese series in which, without knowing how these girls got there, they will have to find out what is happening, why they have been imprisoned around said table. It is available on Netflix

Alice in borderland

Also available on Netflix and with a certain resemblance to The Hunger Games, the proposal of Alice in borderland it is very similar to The Squid Game. A boy who loves video games and two friends will have to face different challenges with the sole objective of surviving in a strange version of Tokyo.


With this particular name, too brief for what we are used to seeing in other current series, 3% It is a Brazilian production available on Netflix where all this bloody games is exploited again. Here the purpose of it is to become part of the group of privileged citizens and thus avoid the devastation to which the rest of the people are condemned.

Sweet home

Despite the fact that it moves away from all those proposals where some type of competition is proposed to be overcome by its protagonists, which unites Sweet home with The Squid Game It is the Korean origin and blood. You will see rivers of blood running at all times. So if you are sensitive, better not see it. It is available on Netflix.

The wilds

This proposal is no longer in the Netflix catalog but you will have to go see it on Amazon Prime Video. If you do, you will learn the story of several teenagers who are trapped on a desert island that will put them to the test. Of course, the worst thing will not be that, but they will not know that it is part of an experiment.


Finally, again the series in question does not pose any kind of game, but a zombie apocalypse in the era of the medieval Joseon dynasty. Kingdom tells the story of a kingdom the rumors about the state of health of its king do not stop and the crown prince will have to take responsibility to fight against a strange threat that stalks the kingdom. So if you want to save your people, you will have to give it your all. By the way, don’t miss either Kingdom: the story of Ashin.

Asia demonstrates ability to create successful series

The potential of Asian countries in general and Korea in particular has grown a lot in recent years. It is true that the interpretation of its actors has that particular point or style that surely only they are capable of performing, but it is worth giving a chance to many proposals that are coming.

Of course, as advice as you have surely been able to verify by seeing The Squid Game, it is better to see them in VOSE than in Spanish. Because the way of speaking, the tone, etc., even if you have no idea of ​​Chinese, Japanese, etc., is much more natural and rich than if a person dubbed it into Spanish.

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